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Growing Ever Greater


What distinguishes a great school from a good school? A great school is a place with a deep commitment to learning, where exceptional teachers nourish the intellectual, moral, emotional, and social growth of each student. It is infused with the joy of discovery and the excitement of challenge and accomplishment. It is a community united by a common purpose. Above all, it is a place that has a distinctive and lasting impact, developing students today and shaping who they will become tomorrow.

Vision for the future

The vision for our school's future is one in which Potomac and its students always thrive, setting a standard of excellence in independent K-12 education. To realize this vision, the Board of Trustees has established priorities related to completing the modernization of the campus, growing the school's endowment, and bolstering its annual giving program. These goals serve as the basis for an ambitious multi-year comprehensive campaign initiative. 

Each priority is intentionally linked to Potomac's strategic road map, which is designed to empower students through excellent teaching and in a connected community to thrive. And this will be accomplished in a financially sustainable way.

One critical campus facility improvement – the first priority in this ongoing campaign – was the construction of a new center for community and athletics. Completed on time and under budget, and funded entirely through philanthropy, the Spangler Center for Athletics and Community opened in November 2019. This achievement was a powerful reflection of our community's generosity and willingness to invest in Potomac to benefit today’s students and generations of students to come.

Spangler Center for Athletics & Community

Impact: Empowering Students, Connected Community

  • Creates better balance for students between academics/athletics
  • Meets demands of expanded athletic program with 71 teams and 25 interscholastic sports
  • Provides multi-purpose indoor and outdoor community space
  • Allows space for entire K-12 community to gather comfortably 

Multiple Courts for basketball, volleyball, and squash

A place for community gatherings

Fitness, health, and a dedicated athletics staff

Now, we have more exciting goals to accomplish.

Middle School
Middle School
Middle School

Renovating the Middle School

Impact: Empowering Students, Excellent Teaching, Connected Community, Financial Sustainability  

  • Enhances Safety and Security by moving classrooms from entranceway
  • Creates large and small gathering places
  • Provides larger classroom sizes for better programming
  • Offers flexible breakout spaces for flexible teaching and learning
  • Accommodates a new comprehensive health services suite
  • Meets the needs of growing enrollment and curriculum enhancements



Reimagining the Chester Sports Complex

Impact: Empowering Students, Connected Community

  • Provides needed student life spaces to support inclusivity and wellbeing of the student body 
  • Develops life skills by supporting distinctive programming: Speech and Debate; Entrepreneurship; and Financial Literacy 
  • Creates an on-line bookstore display, café, and visual arts gallery
  •  Improves stadium spectator experience and facilitates connection of the Upper School to the turf field
Potomac Teacher

Growing the Endowment

Impact: Empowering Students, Excellent Teaching, Connected Community, and Financial Sustainability

  • Contributes additional permanent resources to maintain and improve the quality of the education that students receive
  • Relieves pressure on the operating budget and rising tuitions
  • Generates funding for student scholarships and faculty professional development in perpetuity
  • Ensures the school's financial sustainability for generations to come

Sustained Support for Operations

Impact: Empowering Students, Excellent Teaching, Connected Community, and Financial Sustainability

  • Provides immediate support for students, faculty and staff, and academic and co-curricular programs
  • Relieves pressure on tuition increases
  • Generates unrestricted funds to meet the school's greatest needs
  • Results in sustained philanthropic engagement across all constituencies