Established more than a quarter century ago, the Potomac School Archives (located on the lower level of the Flag Circle Building) maintain a rich collection of materials dating back to Potomac's opening in 1904.

The Archives feature correspondences, records, minutes from meetings, and other documents that are part of the official record of The Potomac School. These materials record the work of Heads of School, Trustees, faculty, faculty governance committees, and student organizations.

The collection also includes items that are not part of the official record but are related to the school, such as books and articles by members of the Potomac community, student publications, photographs, artifacts, manuscripts, and other items. Photographs, documents, and various types of memorabilia and artifacts provide an intriguing look into the creation and development of the school and the people who have been shaping its history for the past 108 years. Click here for a brief history of the school.

The Archives welcomes and encourages donations to continue developing the collection and preserving and documenting the history of The Potomac School. Anyone, regardless of affiliation, can donate to the collection, as long as the donation relates to Potomac's history, tradition, and legacy.