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Q What is The Potomac Fund?

The Potomac Fund is the annual giving program at Potomac. It augments the operating budget, allowing the school to sustain its commitment to teaching and learning by funding six percent of the school’s program costs each year.

Q What does the Potomac Fund support?

The Potomac Fund directly supports students and faculty, ongoing technology and facility needs, and other school priorities. It offers alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends of Potomac a special opportunity to support the highest current priorities of the School through annual unrestricted giving. Most importantly, this broad-based support reflects the combined philanthropy of generations of alumni who give generously at all levels.


Q Doesn’t tuition cover these items?

Even full tuition pays for only a portion of the actual cost of education that a Potomac student receives. The financial model that underpins the school’s operation depends on three principal sources of revenue: endowment income, tuition revenue and the philanthropy of alumni, parents, and friends through the Potomac Fund. Your annual support is a vital component of that financial equation!


Q Potomac has an endowment; why not use that instead?

The income from Potomac’s endowment is one of the principal sources of funding and is used every year to support campus priorities. However, much of that income is restricted to certain purposes and cannot replace restricted current dollars that are so necessary for day-to-day operating expenses.


Q What is the goal for Fiscal Year 2019?

The goal of The Potomac Fund is to raise $2.3 million by June 30, 2019. In order to meet this goal, the school depends on continuing annual support from alumni, parents, and friends.

Q How are annual giving solicitations conducted?

Potomac sends out appeals by mail and email each fiscal year. These appeals are followed by phone calls from fellow alumni and parents. We are counting on a Potomac Fund commitment as part of every gift to the school. Consider making your gift or pledge by December 31 to save the school postage and telephone costs and to build momentum. Pledges are payable by June 30, the end of the fiscal year.

Q Will my gift make a difference?

Absolutely! Every tax-deductible gift – regardless of its size –makes a difference to the school. It also sends a powerful message that you believe in this institution and its educational program, and that it has made a difference in your life.

Q How many parents give to the school?

Last year, 82 percent of current parents participated in the Potomac Fund, and this year we hope to increase that number to 83 percent.


Q How many alumni give to the school?

Last year, 21 percent of Potomac alumni participated in the Potomac Fund. Our goal is to add at least 40 more donors in order to reach 22 percent alumni participation this year.


Q Can I match my gift?

Many companies have matching gift programs that can double or triple the size of your gift! Interested donors should contact their company's Human Resources department to see if their contribution to Potomac qualifies for a matching gift. To see if your company has a matching gift policy, visit the Matching Gifts section of the “Make a Gift or Pledge” page.

Q How do I make a gift?

Visit our "Make a Gift" page to learn more about making gifts to Potomac.


Q What if I need more information?

Please contact Director of Annual Giving Laura Bennett at


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