Vex IQ Robotics

Want to build a robot? In this two-week program, VEX IQ Robotics, campers working together in teams, learn how to make 3D objects on a computer, and then using structural pieces that snap together, build the robot and bring it to life by programming it to perform simple tasks. Using gears, wheels and other accessories to create mobile robots, the VEX IQ system allows for quick build times and easy modifications . The Robot Brain, in addition to using pre-programmed instructions, also allows campers to experiment with computer programming. Each day will be spent learning about engineering, programming, and CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) fundamentals. On the last day of camp, the teams will compete in the new VEX IQ game to demonstrate their mastery of these concepts!
Grades Entering 7th - 8th
Dates Offered June 25 - July 6 (No camp on July 4)
Schedule 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Price $ 895 (per two-weeks)