SPARK Business Academy Gr. 7-9 Financial Literacy Classes

Campers learn financial literacy through a variety of business strategies!

Bitcoin Camp - The Future of Money (6/18-6/22)
Depending on who you ask, bitcoin could be the biggest financial revolution in centuries, or a house of cards waiting to collapse. Learn all about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, including the technology behind it (blockchain) and what makes bitcoin unique. Discuss the role of confidence, examine volatility, and be amazed at the millions of dollars early investors have reaped so far. This unique camp will help you develop your own point of view about bitcoin!

Teen Shark Tank (6/25-6/29)
If you love Shark Tank, this empowering camp is for you! Join other intrepid campers and develop a business plan for your own business idea (or we can suggest one!). You will learn to take risks and persevere while making business-like decisions about strategy, marketing, and finance. Campers build confidence "learning by doing" throughout the week, and make their pitch presentations on the last day of camp!

Sports Management for Teens (7/9-7/13)
For the sports lover, the future team General Manager (GM), sports team owner or ESPN analyst, this unique program will take you to the intersection of sports and business! Campers learn the business side of various sports and actively discuss and analyze different "sports money" topics, including professional sports, college sports, endorsements, player contracts and more.

Investing for Teens (7/16-7/20)
Learn how you can start investing at a young age, and make your money grow! Pick your own $10,000 stock portfolio with a cool stock-trading simulation tool using real-time market data. This hands-on experience empowers campers with the tools and mindset to face future investment decisions with confidence and "buy low, sell high"!

Teen CEOs (7/23-7/27)
How cool would it be for you to be the boss of Apple, Under Armour, or Amazon for a day? In this leadership camp, you can do just that! Campers act as CEOs for leading companies and work in teams to make strategic recommendations addressing real business issues. They also build real websites (no coding required) and design their own business cards. Campers enhance their problem-solving skills, develop business savvy and cultivate a strategic mindset as future leaders!

Teen Business Leaders (7/30-8/3)
Invest in your future with SPARK's five levers of success: personal finance, investments, entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. Praised in leading business publications as pioneering, this unique experience includes simulations and hands-on activities to empower campers with essential 21st century skills, and the mindset to make sound financial decisions and to develop business savvy.

Grades Entering 7th - 9th
Dates Offered June 18 - June 22: Bitcoin Camp - The Future of Money
June 25 - June 29: Teen Shark Tank
July 9 - July 13: Sports Management for Teens
July 16 - July 20: Investing for Teens
July 23 - July 27: Teen CEOs
July 30 - August 3: Teen Business Leaders
Schedule 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Price $ 495 per week