Discovery Camp

New! Sign up for six weeks of full-day Discovery Camp and save $275 including $80 in registration fees! (See pricing below).

Discovery Camp gives a camper the opportunity to create his or her own schedule from a list of many available activities. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read about all of the choices! Discover something new, exciting, challenging, and fun! Whether campers choose to pursue things they love or to discover new activities, the relaxed, positive atmosphere creates an environment that encourages them to explore and develop talents, while keeping the focus on having fun. We have added some new choices this summer!

Full-Day Discovery campers choose six activities to attend each day during their three-week session. When registering for Full-Day Discovery, choose six activities and two alternates, as class sizes are limited and some activities may meet only in the morning or only in the afternoon. If your child will attend both sessions of Discovery Camp, you may prefer to select different activities for the second session, as the classes are not designed to be a continuation of the first session. [Please Note: Robotics requires two activity blocks; please list Robotics two times, then choose only four other activities to make the six activity day.]

Half-Day Discovery is offered in combination with other three-week, half-day camps thus creating a full-day program. Combination Camps are: Cooking-From the Ground Up!, Flag Football (3-week campers), and Musical Theater Camp; details appear on those pages. Half-Day Discovery Campers choose three activities and two alternates when registering. If your child will attend both sessions of Discovery Camp, you may prefer to select different activities for the second session as the classes are not designed to be a continuation of the first session. [Please Note: Robotics is not offered in half-day Discovery Camp.]

Personal Schedules:Individual schedules are finalized just before camp begins and are given to the campers on the first day of each session. Students may make changes to their schedule, if space allows, on “change day,” which is the third day of camp in each session.

Discovery Camp Parents' Day: Parents have the opportunity to experience Discovery Camp on Parents' Day which is held on the third Thursday of each session. Parents are invited to join their campers in one or more activity periods. Why not bring your lunch and stay for the entire day! Some classes put on performances or demonstrations. Dress comfortably since you too can participate! If you have ever said to your child, “Wow! I wish I could take that class, too,” then don’t miss Parents' Day.

Scroll down to read the descriptions for all the Discovery Camp activities.

Grades Entering 3rd - 7th
Dates Offered Session 1: June 25 - July 13 [no camp July 4]
Session 2: July 16 - August 3
Six Weeks: June 25 - August 3
Schedule 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday - Friday
Price $1,395 full-day per session
$ 2,595 full-day six weeks

We'll focus on form and safety at the orientation lesson, giving basics that will get campers safely shooting, and a general feel for archery. We go over range rules, safety gear (finger tabs, arm guards, sling, etc, and size the bow and arrow to each archer. We work on getting the best use of our muscles and balance, combined with clear mental preparation, teaching a series of components/steps which build on one another.

Want to play hoops? Improve your shooting and dribbling and learn to make the big play. All levels are welcome as we have fun, improve our skills, and rack up the points.

Pencil, paper, and geometric shapes are all you need to create your own cartoons! Learn to recognize simple shapes and patterns in finished cartoons - then use these tricks to create your own cartoons with your special touch!

Sharpen your mind with the greatest game of the millennium - Chess! For almost 2000 years the goals of attack and defense, culminating in checkmate, have inspired chess players all over the world. Develop concentration, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity while playing friendly games with an emphasis on learning all the strategies of the game.

Dreaming of Broadway, Glee, or your own concert tour? Come sing your heart out with Potomac chorus teacher, Jerry Rich. With selections from Broadway to pop classics to the current hits, you’ll be able to show off your talent with a Parent’s Day performance. This class is not available in the afternoon.

Clay & Ceramic Creations
Whether you are new to potter, or consider yourself a clay connoisseur, join us for a variety of sculptural and functional ceramic art projects! We'll practice making coil pots, slab roll mugs, tile work, and a variety of sculptures with earth and air dry clays.

In our digital world, coding is now a fundamental skill and FUN! In this class, campers will use different engaging platforms to be creative and learn to computer program.

Court Sports
Looking for some unusual sports activities? In Court Sports, you'll play Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis, Volleyball, and Badminton!

Do You Want To Dance?
Do you love to dance? Does the music move you? Then this is the activity for you! Learn new moves, practice classics, and listen to great tunes while having a blast with friends. This class is not available in the afternoon.

Everything Art
Where everything is possible with your imagination! Explore a variety of methods and materials to produce two and three dimensional projects. Unleash your creative energies while exploring drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture.

Fencing is clashing steel and competitive spirit combined with the battle of wits. Learn basic techniques, safety, and the fun of fencing! Emphasis will be on learning target areas, right of way, scoring and footwork - Advance, Retreat and Lunge! Be prepared for a physical and mental work out like no other.

Somersault, run, leap, and twist in gymnastics! Develop strength, flexibility, and balance while learning new skills on a variety of gymnastic apparatus.

Grab your knitting needles, your favorite yarn and knit one, purl two! This activity is for beginners who want to learn the basics or experienced knitters who want to learn new stitches and techniques! (Needles and yarn are provided.)

Let’s Act
Open casting call! Whether you’re a little shy or the star of dinner every night, you’ll learn to speak out clearly, enthusiastically, and confidently. Now that’s a real life skill! Young actors will play theatre games focusing on improvisation, script-reading, voice projection, and movement. We’ll explore different types of theater through simple productions. This class is not available in the afternoon.

Ready to surprise your friends and family with your magic act? Come learn all sorts of tricks of the trade which is sure to leave them wondering how you did it!

Makerspace provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage campers to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.

In order to engage campers in real-world problem solving through the use of robotics, this is a two-block activity. Using the LEGO NXT system and icon based programming software, campers work in teams to construct and program robots to meet specific challenges. Campers learn about structure design, using simple machines, and sharpen their problem solving skills. (Requires two activity blocks - list two times on registration)

Come on down to the pool! Campers’ swimming ability levels are assessed on the first day of camp and then are grouped with experienced swim instructors for daily lessons. Pool safety is strongly emphasized throughout the aquatic program. Campers will also have "free swim" under close supervision of our lifeguards and swim instructors.

Tabletop Games
Summer@Potomac has its very own game arcade complete with Ping Pong, Air Hockey, and Foosball tables. Test your skills individually or pair up with a friend to challenge others!

Team Sports
We need to have you on the team! You’ll love playing kickball, soccer, capture the flag, Frisbee games, floor hockey, and more. It’s more fun to be part of a team - Together Everyone Achieves More!

Wilderness Adventure
Explore our 90+ acre campus including our ponds and streams - experience our low ropes course, hike the nature trails, discover the diverse variety of plants and animals, and more!

Woodworking - New! Details coming soon.

Writing Adventure
With individualized instruction, young writers learn to plan, develop, organize, revise, and edit their writing to create mini biographies, short stories and other fun literary projects. Peer editing encourages students to be reflective when critiquing other writers while public speaking skills and presentation are developed by reading their own stories aloud to the group.

Did you know that when you learn Yoga poses, you're not only improving your balance, strength, and endurance but also improving your memory and focus? Let your energy flow!