Camp Directory

Year-round contacts:
Assistant Director, Wendy Smith 703-749-6317 or
Director of Auxiliary Programs, Mimsy Stirn 703-883-2252 or
Nurse, Ellen Grass and/or Virginia O'Connell 703-749-6319

Please note: The following list is for summer contact only as the phones and emails are not monitored until the week before camp begins.

Director of Summer Programs, Greg Mueller 703-749-6318 or
Before and After Care Office 703-873-5566 or
Counselor Apprentice 703-873-5561 or
Discovery Camp 703-873-5565 or
Nature Science Camp 703-873-5567 or
Nurse 703-749-6319 or
Panther Day Camp 703-873-5564 or
Out for Fun 703-873-5568 or
Transportation Office 703-749-6353 or

Mimsy Stirn, Director of Auxiliary Programs is available year-round at 703-883-2252 or

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