An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC



Meet our Faculty


Potomac teachers are individuals of talent, achievement, and passion, and they are intensely committed to educating young people. Our faculty takes pride in providing uncommon support for every student. They constantly model learning and innovation, always strive to develop and refine best practices in teaching, and set goals to improve their own learning. Distinctive to our school are the deep, enduring bonds that develop between students and their teachers and coaches – bonds that often last decades beyond graduation.

Our Faculty


  • 160 Faculty & Interns
  • $1.75m for faculty professional development. Read about our extensive program.
  • 1:1 Our one-on-one advisory program pairs students with carefully selected mentors, ensuring that each student is truly known, nurtured and put to the test.
  • 103
  • 11 National Board Certified Teachers
Why choose Potomac?

One word immediately jumps to mind: community. I feel such a strong connection to the faculty, students and families here. It truly does feel like a family. I enjoy stopping to chat with students I taught years ago, now in Upper School, and hearing about the incredible things they are learning, leading and doing. I also feel challenged and inspired by the exceptional community of faculty members at Potomac, who are committed to developing their craft and are eager to collaborate. —Joy W., Middle School Teacher

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What do faculty consider the most important benefits?

Potomac's benefits are many but perhaps the most appealing is Potomac's commitment to and generous funding of professional development. Some of the opportunities available through Potomac's Professional Development program include the following: graduate work toward a Masters or a Doctorate; entering a course of study in fields other than one's discipline; international travel for on-site study; funding for conferences, workshops and curriculum review and redesign. —Dean of Faculty

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Do you support continuing education for your teachers?

Potomac supports continuing education of faculty through tuition assistance, grants and a wide array of professional development opportunities. This support reflects our commitment to the cultural ideal of life-long learning. In past years, faculty have studied with experts in social emotional learning, neuroscience, literacy, nanotechnology, environmental education and curriculum design. — Director of Academics

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What about autonomy?

At Potomac you have the freedom to adapt your curriculum to best meet the needs of your students and the intellectual freedom to teach important topics. Autonomy allows you to be a teacher and a learner always striving for excellence. —Mary C., Middle and Intermediate School Science Teacher

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Where do your faculty live?

Just like our students, faculty live in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC. — Director of Human Resources

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What do you like best about working at Potomac?

Potomac is a warm and engaging community! I love the relationships that I've been able to build here with my students, their families and my colleagues. I also very much appreciate that it's a place where we all, students and teachers alike, are encouraged daily to develop our skills, stretch our thinking and lead lives that exemplify the pursuit of life-long learning. –Lower School Academic Technologist

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How does the School support you in your teaching?

Potomac offers wonderful opportunities for professional development, including summer curriculum grants and support for post-graduate work. In addition, within each division, administrators nurture a collaborative work environment, offering opportunities of time and resources for discussion, co-teaching and planning, and sharing. — Intermediate School Teacher

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Do faculty have the opportunity to coach?

Yes, the teacher-coach model is important to how we get to know our students. Coaching helps you to gain a more holistic knowledge of your students. Often kids are more at ease on the field and as both teacher and coach you can have a more positive impact. — Upper School History Teacher

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