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Do applicants get a chance to shadow current students?

Yes, applicants for grades 9-11 are paired with current students and spend a half-day in the Upper School. The visit is optional for students applying to grades 7 and 8. Applicants to grades 4-6 visit Potomac in small groups during the school day. —Lauren B., Associate Director of Admission

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What choices do I have with my schedule?

Students start making decisions about their schedules in grade 5 by choosing a musical instrument; in grades 7 and 8 they choose their music elective, language class and athletic option. In Upper School there are numerous ways to individualize schedules in order to pursue interests. —Lauren B., Associate Director of Admission

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How do I find other kids like me?

There are clubs in every division, affinity groups for certain racial groups, a buddy system that pairs each new student with a current one in the summer before school starts. It’s easy to make friends. —Gabriella S., Upper School Student

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Is service learning required?

No, our program is unique in that it is voluntary. Yet almost every student participates in an activity of their choice, in partnership with those we serve. Our students tutor, serve breakfast at a homeless shelter, help needy families and participate in service trips abroad. ­—ACE E., K-12 Service-Learning Coordinator

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Do you offer yoga or other non-sport fitness activities?

Yes, we offer yoga, weights and conditioning, and P.E. during the academic day, all of which count towards our athletics requirement. Or you can act, manage a team or hike and canoe­. —Rob L., Director of Boys Athletics

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Do you offer Chinese?

Yes, you can take Chinese beginning in 7th grade. The program includes classes through an advanced level suitable for students with a Chinese background. —Graham B., Upper School Chinese Teacher

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How is the lunch?

I think it’s really pretty good. In the upper grades there are lots of options, including a hot lunch, soup and sandwich bar, and a salad bar. Younger kids choose a hot lunch or bring their own. —Hannah R., Upper School Student

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Do you have any special academic tracks in high school?

We offer a science and engineering program, an arts concentration, and a global studies curriculum. —Don F., Head of Upper School

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What are the dances like?

We have two big dances; the first is Homecoming weekend, which starts with a bonfire and dancing on the field on Friday night and is followed by a “real” dance Saturday night. At the Winter Formal we raise money for a cause or charity and dress up in costume, according to the dance theme. —Madeleine R., Upper School Student

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What musical instruments can I learn to play?

Students can choose the instrument of their choice as early as 5th grade. Private music lessons begin even earlier. Check out our music videos to learn more. —Adela W., Strings Teacher

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How much homework is assigned?

I don’t like that question. It’s more about how you handle your assignments. If I’m organized I can get my work done and even have some free time in the evening. But if I goof off at School, I can have hours of work at night. —Theo M., Upper School Student

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What kinds of plays do you perform?

We do a wide range of plays, from classical to modern, musical and non-musical, traditional and experimental. —Michael B., Upper School Theater Teacher

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Do you have a student newspaper?

Our newspaper is called The Current; it’s published eight times a year and includes features, sports, opinions, art and entertainment. We have a staff of 40 writers who meet every Monday. —Anthony C., Upper School Student

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Is Potomac a “green” school?

Our commitment to environmental sustainability links the joy one experiences in nature with the imperative of stewardship. Beginning in kindergarten our students develop habits of thinking and living that support the health of our environment. —Albert P., Environmental Studies Coorindator

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How big are the classes?

In the Lower and Middle Schools the average class size is 16-18 students; in the Intermediate School the average size is 16; and 14 in the Upper School. —Katy B., Associate Director of Admissions

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I'm interested in robotics. Do you have a team?

Yes, almost 100 students in grades 5-12 compete in Potomac’s robotics program. Younger students participate in the FIRST Lego League. In grades 8-12, students participate in the VEX Robotics Competition, a worldwide program of over 4,500 teams. Collectively, Potomac teams have experienced phenomenal success over the past six seasons, finishing first in the nation in 2013, first and second in 2012 and 2011, and second in the three preceding seasons. — Director of Science and Engineering Research Center

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Do Potomac students go on to play college sports?

Yes, many of our athletes experience great success on their college and university teams. Check out our Panther College Athletes page to see where they compete. —Rob L., Director of Boys Athletics

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What do Potomac graduates go on to do?

Check out our Exemplary Lives page to see some of the careers our graduates choose. —Laura M., Director of Alumni Relations

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Do students go on field trips?

We are located just 3 miles from Washington, DC, which makes it easy to organize visits to many of the great museums, the Supreme Court and other important landmarks in our capital city. —Sharyn S., Intermediate School Math Teacher

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