An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

For almost two decades, the Parent Association (PA) has been an integral part of The Potomac School. As outlined in our mission statement, the PA works with and on behalf of all parents in an effort to build and support the Potomac community. All parents are members.

Through the 20 committees that make up the Parent Association, we provide many opportunities to become involved in the life of the school. Fall Frolics, the Scholarship Auction, Class Representatives, and the Cultural Competence Committee are just a few of the key events and programs that rely on the creativity and energy of parent volunteers.

Visit the Parent Association pages on CampusNET for in-depth information on committees, activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Questions? Please contact the Advancement Office at (703) 749-6329. We will be glad to assist you.

Scholarship Auction

Our annual auction raises funds to support faculty professional development and student scholarships. Learn more.

Fall Frolics

Food, games and fun on the quad. This annual October event brings out the entire community. Learn more.

Book Fair

Thousands of books – a beloved community event. Learn more.


How do parents get involved and meet other parents?

Parents can make friends easily by becoming involved in the life of the School. There are lots of Parent Association committees that need volunteers—from environmental stewardship to Book Fair to promoting understanding of diversity to the Panther Pit snack bar—something for everybody! –Sara D.J., Parent

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Where do Potomac students live?

We draw from more than 100 zip codes throughout the metro area. Students join us from more than 50 different schools. –Katy B., Associate Director of Admission

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How and when do parents hear from teachers?

Whether in the formal setting of a scheduled conference or in casual conversation, parents and teachers have many opportunities to foster cooperative working partnerships. We host grade-level coffees and divisional parents’ nights. We also have parent-teacher conferences and send out written reports multiple times a year. Potomac prides itself on the individual connection teachers make with families; teachers reach out often to share information about their students, both when a concern arises or simply to share a celebratory moment. —John M., Head of Middle School

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Why do some students wear uniforms?

The Middle and Intermediate Schools are the two divisions at Potomac with a required uniform. We believe this long-standing uniform policy helps equalize the learning environment. –Nancy P., Head of Lower School

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What resources are available for new parents?

The Potomac community embraces new families quickly. Our Parent Mentoring Program matches each new family with a current one, providing a warm welcome and a crucial parent-to-parent resource. Early in the school year, new parents attend grade-level coffees, Parent Association meetings and an evening reception, in addition to a host of school activities. –Erin R., Parent

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How does the bus system work?

Every child in grades 1-10 is required to take the bus to and from school. We offer free shuttle bus service and fee-based neighborhood bus service. Juniors may drive to a specified shuttle stop. The bus is a great way to make friends of all ages. —Perry S., Facilities Administrator

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Where do Potomac students go to college?

In the last five years, Potomac graduates enrolled in about 150 colleges and universities across North America and overseas. You can see the list of specific schools on our "Quick Facts" page. –Mike O., Director of College Counseling

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What do Potomac graduates go on to do?

Check out our Exemplary Lives page to see some of the careers our graduates choose. –Laura M., Director of Alumni Relations

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Do you have before- and after-care?

Extended Day is a fun program for the kids. Students enjoy playing with their friends and they also get their homework done! We offer after-school care only. –Crystal S.W., Director of Extended Day Program

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What kinds of special arts opportunities do you offer?

Creative programs abound throughout the School. In Upper School serious art students can choose a Visual and Performing Arts concentration. –Cort M., Upper School Art Teacher

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Does everyone play sports?

In Upper School nine seasons of sports are required during four years of high school. A range of activities from yoga to weight training to outdoor education count towards the credits. —Cas B., Director of Girls Athletics

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Your campus is amazing. How do you use it in the curriculum?

We consider our grounds a 90-acre classroom. From ninth graders using the stream corridor to explore early civilizations; to sixth graders making an inventory of life in our ponds; to third graders experiencing a little bit of westward expansion on a hike through our woods, our students enjoy learning across the campus. —Bern H., Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

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How do parents get news about what’s going on at school?

Every Friday Potomac sends out an electronic newsletter, Paw Prints, that is chock full of news from every corner of the School. Additionally, there are daily events, calendars, etc. on the password-protected side of the School’s website. —Sara D.J., Parent

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Do students have time for clubs and activities?

Yes, students not only have time for clubs and activities, but are strongly encouraged to participate in them. Sports and other offerings are considered after-school activities, while clubs are held weekly during the school day and are available to all students. Clubs are generally started by the students for the students and cover a breadth of topics. –Patty K., Parent

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Do you offer after-school enrichment classes?

Our Etcetera program offers a wide choice of educational and fun classes. —Mimsy S., Director of Auxiliary Programs

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What kinds of performance spaces do you have?

Our students have opportunities to perform in every division. We have spaces across the campus including a traditional proscenium theatre, a black box theatre, a choral room and a multipurpose assembly space. —Michael B., Upper School Theater Teacher

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