Our Community

Spend time with students from any of Potomac's four divisions, and you'll begin to see what makes our community so special. Potomac students learn to appreciate others for their diverse strengths and backgrounds, to push through challenges with determination and courage, and to help one another be at their best. Our emphasis on performance and public speaking creates a culture where students raise their voices about the things that matter to them, and our experienced and inspiring teachers foster both academic and personal success. 


Our Parents
Engaged, supportive parents and guardians are critical to Potomac's success. Our parents are actively involved and incredibly generous in sharing their time, talents, and resources. The Parent Association (of which all Potomac parents and guardians are automatically members) offers diverse leadership and volunteer opportunities and sponsors events that help to keep our parents connected to the school and to one another. We are always excited to see and hear from Potomac parents, whose ideas and effort enrich our school every day.

Our Students
Our students are the reason for everything that we do, and we are proud to nurture their passions, curiosity, and drive. From kindergarten through 12th grade, in academics, athletics, and the arts, Potomac students thrive in an environment where they are encouraged to dream big, work hard, and create amazing new possibilities for themselves and others. For more about student life in our community, click here

Our Faculty
Individuals of talent, achievement, and passion, Potomac faculty are intensely committed to educating young people. Our teachers take pride in providing uncommon support for every student. They model intellectual curiosity, a sincere desire to increase their own and others' understanding, and the core values that underpin the Potomac experience. With a commitment to ongoing professional development, Potomac teachers ensure that their work is informed by the latest information in their disciplines and innovative teaching practices. Learn more about our outstanding faculty.