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Mark Your Calendars for Around the World on Friday, April 14, 2023!

This annual spring event celebrates the diverse cultural heritage of the Potomac community through exhibits, food, music, and dance. We welcome you to experience this beloved Potomac community event. If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer or in helping to organize and run a country booth, please contact:

Haneez Zattam-Amr

Janet Manu

If you are interested in hosting a country booth (a display that teaches the Potomac community about a particular country's culture and traditions), or if your child would like to perform onstage or participate in the Parade of Flags, please contact the committee chairs.

Country and Cultural Exhibitions 

Each country and cultural exhibit displays a variety of items including: traditional artwork, clothing, costumes, periodicals, information boards, etc. that demonstrate the history and customs of the country. The exhibits are curated and coordinated by volunteers from our parent and student community. During the evening portion of the event, dive deeper into our diverse school community by sampling the international food offerings at each booth.

Parade of Flags

One of our favorite traditions is Potomac’s own "Parade of Flags" – an opening ceremony similar to that of the Olympics – minus the torch lighting, which serves as a precursor to the cultural performances. As each country is announced, the participant will walk across the stage waving their respective flag to the applause from the audience. Participants are encouraged to wear either a traditional costume or a festive item of clothing (for example, a soccer jersey or an outfit in a country's national colors). They should also bring a small handheld flag from their country.

Past Participating Countries included: China, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Cultural Performances

Experience the immense talent of our school community as students perform cultural songs, dances, instrumental selections, or poetry significant to their family heritage. These performances link language, cultural practices, symbolic places and historical events. It’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Volunteer Opportunities 

Host a Country Booth

We are looking for volunteers to sign up for a country that they would like to represent. Each country exhibit is coordinated by our dedicated volunteers from our parent community. Please sign-up and get involved early! It’s a great way to connect with one another and so much fun for all of our children – and their parents too! Each country exhibition will be provided two skirted tables, two chaffing dishes (for the evening event) and paper dining products.

Participate in Potomac’s Parade of Flags

Break out your traditional and/or festive ensembles (formal, festive, athletic), all are welcome to join in Potomac’s Parade of Flags! Participants should bring a small handheld flag from their country to wave.

Calling All Performers!

We are seeking students to share a cultural song, dance, instrumental selection, or poem significant to their family’s heritage. Returning performers are also welcome to perform.

Please join us to share a song, a poem, a skit – either original or previously performed, a dance, musical talent...the World is YOUR Stage, share it with us! 

Just Volunteer and join the fun! 

Join us to set-up or break-down the gym, assist with organizing a country booth or staff a booth for an hour or more while students visit the exhibits! We welcome any and all volunteers. If you have an area of expertise – please contact us to join in the fun!


Contact one of our 2023
Around the World co-chairs:

Haneez Zattam-Amr

Janet Manu