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Robotics Teams Named U.S. Open National Champions
Robotics Teams Named U.S. Open National Champions

Potomac's Upper School robotics teams participated in the U.S. Open National Championship in Omaha, NE, April 6-8. Three of the school's teams, 12A, 12G, and 12E/F, competed as an alliance to become the U.S. Open champions.

The members of the teams that formed the winning alliance were seniors Randall Kliman, Krishna Kumar, and John Tofil; sophomores Ben Adolphe, Matt Giuliano, Jake Levingston, Arjun Kumar, and freshman Akshay Gupta; and sophomores Zoe Dubelier, Marshall Riccardi, James Jordan, Kenny Lin, Max Wehner, and Jared White.

Additionally, Team 12B, comprising juniors Becca Crawley and Jasmine Terrones and freshman Jodie Kuo, was a member of a finalist alliance. Additional highlights include the following:

  • Team 12A was also a finalist of the 1v1 tournament, Team 12E/F won the Amaze Award for their outstanding robot, and 12G was picked to be in the skills final competition
  • Teams 12C (juniors Caroline Case, David Kiernan, and Amelia Mazloom), 12D (sophomores Whitney Bowen, Hollis Cutler, Eleanor Nuechterlein, and Anna Takis), 12X (freshmen Michael Djorup, Jun-Young Hong, Charlotte Ellis, Ethan Lee, and Kat Plaza), and 12Y (freshmen Amelia Cook, Harper Malesardi, Kelsey Norton, and Sarah Raman) also competed at the tournament, demonstrating their hard work from throughout the year

Congratulations to all who participated in the competition!