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Potomac Robotics Teams Dominate in State Championship
Potomac Robotics Teams Dominate in State Championship

Congratulations to the incredible members of our Upper School robotics program! This past weekend, Potomac sent nine of our 12 teams (12A, 12E, 12F, 12G, 12H, 12J, 12M, 12N, and 12P) to the State Championship in Doswell – and rocked the event. Not a single Potomac team had a losing record!

After the first day of competition, three teams (12A, 12F, and 12G) were entirely undefeated. By the end of qualification rounds on the second day, 12G was still undefeated and in second place. Team 12F finished with a record of 7-1, and 12A ended with a record of 6-2. While not undefeated on Friday, 12H ended the tournament with a record of 6-2 as well.

Eight out of nine Potomac teams (12A, 12F, 12G, 12H, 12J, 12M, 12N, and 12P) made it to elimination rounds. As part of the fifth-seed alliance, 12F made it to the quarterfinals. Teams 12A and 12G joined forces as the second-seed alliance and reached the finals. In the skills challenges, 12A ranked third, 12E ranked sixth, 12G ranked seventh, and 12F ranked ninth. These accomplishments mean that 12A, 12E, 12F, and 12G have all been invited to compete in the World Championship.

Meanwhile, Potomac won a third of the awards that the tournament gave out! Team 12E won the Innovate Award in recognition for team members' unique use of sensors and excellent automation of their scoring mechanism. Team 12G won the Amaze Award, which is the second-most prestigious award given to a team. Finally, the Potomac program as a whole won the Inspire Award, which is testament to how far all five robotics coaches have taken the program this year.

Team 12A consists of John Djorup, Michael Djorup, Aneesh Edara, Akash Gupta, Akshay Gupta, Robert O'Brien, and Yumn Teshome.

Team 12E consists of Jonas Huff, Jodie Kuo, Bryce Lukacs, Harper Malesardi, Max Wehner, and Sean Yap.

Team 12F consists of Rajan Bhargava, Zoe Dubelier, Weston Hicks, James Jordan, Kenny Lin, Rachel Miller, John Murphy, and Marshall Riccardi.

Team 12G consists of Ben Choi, Matthew Giuliano, Christopher Kang, Arjun Kumar, Jake Levingston, Scott Trundle, and Jared White.

Team 12H consists of Jack Domagala, Drew Johnson, and Simon McGraw.

Team 12J consists of Hollis Cutler, Kylie Fischer, Jun-Young Hong, Eleanor Nuechterlein, Anna Takis, Margaret Taylor, and Ellie Yoon.