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Potomac School Awarded $1.8 Million Multi-Year Grant in Support of its Financial Aid Program

MAY 16, 2024

The Potomac School announced its partnership with The Children’s Education Initiative (TCEI), a San Diego-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education for socioeconomically disadvantaged children. TCEI has awarded Potomac a $1.8 million multi-year grant that will make a Potomac education accessible to more families and enhance socioeconomic diversity within our school community.

Head of School John Kowalik welcomed the collaboration and recognized the transformative initiative from TCEI. He underscored Potomac’s commitment to broadening access to a Potomac education, stating, “We are grateful for TCEI’s generous support. The program provides a wonderful educational opportunity to recipient students and will contribute to the range of perspectives and experiences at Potomac. Ultimately, it supports an enriching educational environment for all students.”

In its outreach to potential partner schools, TCEI focused on schools that were actively working to enhance access for underrepresented groups in independent schools in their policies and practices. Potomac stood out to TCEI due to its commitment to policies that increase access, support for social-emotional well-being, and dedication to academic success. The rigorous application process also assessed criteria such as strong leadership, curriculum centered on identity and cultural competencycommitment to DEI, financial aid, and matriculation outcomes. 

Potomac’s Financial Aid Program has been pivotal in making education accessible to a diverse range of students – in part due to philanthropic support from the school community. Currently, 21% of Potomac students participate in the program. Assistance ranges from 5% to 99% of the total cost of a Potomac education.

Carson Roy, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid, stressed the importance of this partnership, sharing, “We enjoy welcoming new students to our community each year. While our admission process prioritizes merit, we are deeply committed to supporting students with financial need. This generous grant from TCEI empowers us to continue admitting students based solely on their talent and potential, not their ability to pay. It also marks a significant step towards a lasting partnership between Potomac and TCEI, one that prioritizes accessibility and educational excellence for all.”

The TCEI grant goes beyond covering a Potomac tuition. It will also support auxiliary and ancillary programs, including tutoring and interventions, uniforms, technology, after school enrichment, summer programs, and transportation.

“Carson has been instrumental in developing our collaboration with TCEI. He has found an incredible partner that aligns with Potomac’s mission and core values,” shares Kowalik.

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