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Life at Potomac begins even before the first class. Once at school, students are greeted and welcomed. They gather in common spaces awaiting the beginning of each school day.

Female student steps off the school bus with greetings
students walk into school
Life at Potomac Getting to School 4

arriving ON campus

Potomac provides friendly, convenient, and safe round-trip bus services to neighborhoods in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. We offer over 23 different bus routes. The Potomac School is proud of our outstanding safety record and the high standard of service provided by our transportation staff. Trained, certified commercial bus drivers conduct an orderly, safe, and enjoyable journey to and from campus. Potomac is committed to alternate fuel sources, including the use of propane fuel within our bus fleet.

Look inside each classroom, and you will see a variety of experiences. Each day, our students engage in the joyful work of learning and personal growth. Our teachers guide students through exploration and discovery.


Setting high expectations for our students and ourselves, we believe in excellence, momentum, balance, and grit.

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Potomac students joyously experience learning that takes place outside the walls of the classroom. With a sense of adventure, students adopt trees on campus and track growth, study the health of streams and nearby waterways, and find quiet areas for reflection.

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students climb a structure


Nature – a most eloquent teacher. Potomac's campus has 90 acres for students to explore, learn from, and steward. The school's mission, curriculum, and the very design of its buildings, old and new, reflect the importance Potomac places on students' contact with nature.

Getting Outdoors

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