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"Fight Like A Girl" for Potomac Senior Girls
Self-Defense is more than knowing how to fight back against a physical attack, it is a mindset. The "Fight Like a Girl" program encourages students to think in terms of options and choices. It helps develop awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies and physical techniques that can enable someone to successfully prevent, escape and resist an attack.
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Our Goal; To bring safety and awareness to women heading off to college who want to learn to defend themselves in any situation. It is a one day 4-hour course.
The program is divided into 3 portions: classroom, skills building and review.
  • The classroom portion discusses possible dangers a woman could encounter at college. We review party safety, dorm safety, common spaces/parking lots, social settings and using your senses.
  • The skills building portion teaches basic strikes, knees, elbows and heel strikes. We discuss, demonstrate and practice striking do's and don'ts, grips and escapes as well as weak/strong spots when facing an attacker.
  • Time is spent at the end reviewing all information provided and gives students time to ask questions and reflect on what they've learned.

Cost: $65
Date: Sunday, March 31
Time: 12 noon - 4pm
Taught by Annapolis Defense and Security
What to Wear: Comfortable clothes and sneakers
SIGN-UP DEADLINE IS Wednesday, March 27th

Questions? Please contact Jake Westermann.

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