An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

Sports Videos

Girls LAX

Inspiring, knowledgeable coaches and a teamwork mentality are just some of the strengths of Potomac's girls lacrosse program.

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Boys LAX

The lacrosse program emphasizes overlap between older and younger students and maintains a strong sense of team unity.

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Boys Basketball: It is More Than Just Teamwork

Take a look inside the boys basketball program at Potomac School. Coach Franklin teaches more than basketball to his team; he teaches life lessons to all his players.

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Potomac Squash: A Strong Tradition

Potomac's squash program has been one of the best in the area for the past decade. Watch this video to see what our coaches and players are saying about Panther Squash!

Girls Basketball: Driving Toward Success

On the court and off the court, the girls basketball team works together and lifts each other up. "Everyone does their part and we rely on each other's support," captain Alex Moran says. It's this unconditional support that helps the Panthers achieve success on the hardwood, in the classroom, and around campus.

Coaching Toward Greatness

Like the teachers in our classrooms, Potomac's many coaches push our student- athletes to achieve athletically and academically, as well as learn the skills to help them lead healthy, principled, and successful lives. Through the sports they teach, each of our coaches model the School's core values of courage, humility, integrity, perseverance, and respect through the game. We have more than two dozen dedicated coaches who head or assist on the School's 64 Intermediate and Upper School athletic teams, which includes 21 varsity squads.

Commitment to Hard Work

Each athlete at Potomac has the dedication and the will to not just be good, but to be the absolute best they can be. "Challenge yourself to be great," is a phrase used often amongst the teams. When everyone has the same level of commitment toward a common goal, you can achieve great things.

Getting Better Every Day

The morning workouts; the weekend practices; the extra time in the gym; Potomac athletes are constantly putting in the extra effort to get better. This type of dedication yields results on the squash courts, track, or wrestling mat, but it also teaches student-athletes important life lessons like perseverance and hard work.

Winning the Right Way

From football to soccer to cross country, sports are a big aspect of life at Potomac. But it's about more than winning and losing; it's about developing friendships, teamwork, and school spirit. Regardless of the results, the commitment level never wanes.

A Season to Remember

The spring 2012 sports season at Potomac was tremendous. For the girls, the lacrosse team qualified for states, while the tennis team advanced to the state semifinals. For the boys, lacrosse, tennis, and baseball each won Mid-Atlantic Conference Championships. For their success, the Panthers were awarded the Director's Cup for their achievements across 10 boys varsity sports.

"Our coaches are not only knowledgeable and passionate about their sports, but they understand Potomac's mission and core values."

Boys Athletics Director Rob Lee

"Coaches are motivators. They're constantly working with our student-athletes to get the best out of them and teach them how to bring out the best in each other."

Girls Athletics Director Cas Blanchard