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Athletic Offerings

Athletic Offerings

Athletic Offerings in the Upper School

The 23 different interscholastic programs of 38 teams are formed according to ability, and most programs include varsity and junior varsity squads. Varsity teams strive to compete at the highest levels while emphasizing sportsmanship and teamwork. At the junior varsity level, success in competition is encouraged, while skill building and participation are the primary goals.

  • Girls teams compete in the 15-member Independent School League (ISL)
  • Boys teams compete in the 7-member Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC)

Upper School Offerings

Fall Winter Spring
Football (Varsity and JV) Girls Basketball (Varsity and JV) Track & Field (one team, coed)
Field Hockey (Varsity and JV) Boys Basketball (Varsity and JV) Boys Tennis (Varsity and JV)
Girls Soccer (Varsity and JV) Wrestling (one team) Boys Lacrosse (Varsity and JV)
Boys Soccer (Varsity, JV, JV2) Swimming (co-ed) Girls Lacrosse (Varsity and JV)
Girls Tennis (Varsity and JV) Girls Squash (Varsity and JV) Baseball (Varsity and JV)
Girls Volleyball (Varsity and JV) Boys Squash (Varsity and JV) Softball (Varsity and JV)
Girls Cross Country (one team) Weight Training & Conditioning Manager
Boys Cross Country (one team) Indoor Track & Field Yoga
Golf Yoga  
Manager Manager  

Athletic Offerings in the Intermediate School

We offer a wide range of interscholastic sports, as well as noncompetitive physical fitness activities. The emphasis is on skill building, conditioning, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Students choose an activity for each season prior to the start of the school year.

Intermediate School Offerings

Fall Winter Spring
Field Hockey Girls Basketball (A & B teams) Boys Lacrosse (A & B teams)
Lightweight Football Boys Basketball (A, B & C teams) Girls Lacrosse (A & B teams)
Heavyweight Football Wrestling (one team) Softball (A & B teams)
Boys Soccer (A & B teams) Conditioning Class (Coed) Baseball (A & B teams)
Girls Soccer (A & B teams) Squash (Coed) Track and Field (Coed)
Girls Tennis (A & B teams) Winter Musical Boys Tennis (A & B teams)
Cross Country (coed)    
Girls Volleyball (A & B teams)