An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

Potomac Coaches

Spring Sports

Sport Coach Telephone Email
Baseball, Varsity Eric Crozier 614-327-4847
Baseball, JV Mike Hyde 703-873-6112
Baseball, IS A Glenn Adamec 703-749-2729
Baseball, IS B Mike Hutton 703-559-9518
Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Matt Marriott 202-536-9075
Lacrosse, Boys JV Andrew McGrath 703-873-5544
Lacrosse, Boys IS A Matt Marriott 202-536-9075
Lacrosse, Boys IS B Ricardo Vargas 703-869-5233
Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Claire Berg 571-228-1795
Lacrosse, Girls JV Nancy Smalley 703-749-2734
Lacrosse, Girls IS A Maggie Vaughan 703-582-6822
Lacrosse, Girls IS B Kelly Lawton 703-585-6302
Softball, Varsity Wayne Loving 703-283-7911
Softball, JV Mike Hutton 703-559-9518
Softball, IS A Sharyn Stein 703-873-6127
Softball, IS B Gayle Wilson
Tennis, Boys Varsity Chris Caskin 703-408-6773
Tennis, Boys JV Darius Firouzgar
Tennis, Boys IS A Loretta Sevier 703-749-2722
Tennis, Boys IS B Rob Lee 703-749-2722
Track & Field, Coed Varsity Linda Cherry 703-895-8606
Track & Field, Coed IS Jesse Edwards 215-802-5015

Winter Sports

Sport Coach Telephone Email
Basketball, Boys Varsity Levi Franklin 301-442-5155
Basketball, Boys JV Calvin Mainor
Basketball, Boys IS A Rob Lee 571-238-1098
Basketball, Boys IS B David Grant 703-868-3703
Basketball, Girls Varsity Mike Hutton 703-559-9518
Basketball, Girls JV Barb Mays 703-868-3703
Basketball, Girls IS A Mike Hutton 703-559-9518
Basketball, Girls IS B Maggie Vaughan 703-582-6822
Squash, Boys Varsity Karan Malik 60-712-8981
Squash, Boys JV Steve Hufford 202-309-1778
Squash, Coed IS A Karan Malik 60-712-8981
Squash, Coed IS B Anne Monahan 703-984-9971
Squash, Girls Varsity Heba El Torky
Squash, Girls JV Heba El Torky
Swimming, Coed Varsity Hannah Ferrin
Indoor Track & Field, Coed Varsity Linda Cherry 703-873-6141
Weights & Conditioning Glenn Adamec 703-749-2729
Weights & Conditioning, IS Glenn Adamec 703-749-2729
Wrestling, Varsity CJ Remmo 703-873-5575
Wrestling, IS Luke Hernandez 302-354-6485

Fall Sports

Sport Coach Telephone Email
Cross Country, Varsity Jason Dwyer 703-895-8606
Cross Country, Varsity Bridget Gagne 207-329-4592
Cross Country, IS Patricia Doss 703-873-6174
Field Hockey, Varsity Nancy Smalley 703-242-2783
Field Hockey, JV Barb Mays 703-883-2246
Field Hockey, IS  Barb Mays 703-883-2246
Football, Varsity CJ Remmo 703-873-5575
Football, JV Dan Wolff 703-883-2238
Football, IS Heavyweight Luke Hernandez 302-354-6485
Football, IS Lightweight Glenn Adamec 703-749-2729
Golf, Coed Varsity Mike Hutton 703-749-2730
Soccer, Boys Varsity Marcelo Valencia 703-309-5621
Soccer, Boys JV Julio Gonzalez 571-221-5943
Soccer, Boys IS A Julio Gonzalez 571-221-5943
Soccer, Boys IS B Inty Arteaga
Soccer, Girls Varsity Ross McEwen 703-785-2433
Soccer, Girls JV Gino Leon
Soccer, Girls IS A Jose Venegas 703-856-4716
Soccer, Girls IS B Sharyn Stein 703-873-6127
Tennis, Girls Varsity Rob Lee 703-749-6372
Tennis, Girls JV Debbie LeHardy 703-598-8766
Tennis, Girls IS A Loretta Sevier 703-749-2722
Tennis, Girls IS B Joe Jozefezyk 571-278-2280
Volleyball, Girls Varsity Enzo Lulushi
Volleyball, Girls JV Erin Napoleon
Volleyball, Girls IS A Carol Hilderbrand 703-749-6343
Volleyball, Girls IS B Don Shipp 571-436-7106

Contact Us

Erica Woda
Athletic Director

Nancy Smalley
Associate Athletic Director

Rob Lee
Assistant Athletic Director

Carol Hilderbrand
Director of Physical Education

Precious Barnes
Athletic Trainer

Erin Mulligan
Assistant Athletic Trainer and Physical Education Teacher

Hailey Smith
Athletics and Admission Fellow

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