An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

Visual Arts

How do our students experience art? How do we teach it?

The multidisciplinary nature of artistic work requires different ways of seeing and thinking. Potomac teachers encourage students to guide and advise one another, observe what is happening around them, and wait as new ideas begin to form. We encourage all of our students in their efforts and offer honest appraisals when asked. We believe that students' inner visions and voices can never be well-expressed unless they develop fluency in the ancient, wordless language of the arts.

So we work, and keep on working. And our work is always play.

Department Members

Amanda Cannell-Boone
Intermediate and Upper School Art Teacher

Beth Dunkelberger
Middle School Art Teacher

Kristin Enck
Intermediate and Upper School Art Teacher

Diana MacKenzie
Lower School Art Teacher

Mark McLaughlin
Stagecraft Teacher

Lise Metzger
Upper School Photography Teacher

Cort Morgan
Chair of the Art Department and IS and US Art Teacher

Hillary Steel
Intermediate School Art Teacher