An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

Potomac Squash Program Led by Top Talent

Potomac’s varsity squash teams participated in the U.S. High School Team Squash Championships in Philadelphia the weekend if February 18. They faced 11 high school squash leagues from around the country, representing more than 300 schools. Squash is an international sport, played by millions in over 185 countries, and many players in the high school leagues come from abroad. Potomac’s squash teams similarly reflect the international diversity of our community; we have players whose national backgrounds span the globe.

Given that context, you may ask, “Who’s at the helm of Potomac’s squash success?” Fittingly, the answer is two very accomplished international coaches who understand the game from the inside out, having excelled in their own competitive careers.

Karan Malik, boys varsity coach, is a former national junior champion of India and captain of Trinity College’s U.S. national championship team. He's now a teaching pro at Washington DC’s Squash on Fire.

Heba El Torky, girls varsity coach, ranked as high as #19 in the world, number one in the world as a junior, was the winner of 12 professional squash tournaments, a four-time winner of the British Junior Open, a longtime member of the Egyptian National Squash Team, and the youngest member of the first Egyptian National Team to win the Women's World Team Championships.

Karan and Heba leverage their extensive professional experience to help Potomac’s varsity, junior varsity, and intermediate school players chart their own paths to improvement, excellence, and enjoyment of this unique lifelong sport. Their program is supported by assistant coaches Anne Monahan and Steve Hufford, both of whom are experienced amateur competitors and coaches, and by Potomac's Physical Education Department chair, Carol Hilderbrand, at the Intermediate School level. With seven new squash courts in the Spangler Center for Athletics and Community, and four courts in the Chester Gymnasium, Potomac’s squash facilities are on par with its strong squash tradition and world-class coaching staff.