The Christmas Revels

Washington Revels presents
the 35th annual production of


A French-Canadian Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Journey with us to Trois-Rivières, a charming town in southern Québec. In the late December chill, the glow of hearth fires warms the spirits of the villagers as they prepare for the time of celebration – le temps des Fêtes! The timber business is thriving and the Hudson’s Bay Company is paying good money for beaver pelts. A group of young men prepares to leave home to seek profit and adventure – to be voyageurs. They paddle a huge canoe across rivers and lakes, deep into the wild Canadian woods, singing as they go. This energetic Québécois winter celebration features carols, wild dancing, and foot-stomping instrumentals, blending old French traditions with New World ingenuity. Be prepared for a deal with the devil and a ride in a flying canoe!

Washington Revels’ flagship production, The Christmas Revels, is an annual festive celebration of the Winter Solstice and the return of sun and light after the “shortest day.” Through music, dance, and drama, it draws on traditions and rituals from many lands, peoples, and eras – medieval, Renaissance and Victorian English, French, Russian, Roma (Gypsy), African-American, Nordic, American Appalachian, Native American, Renaissance Italian, Québécois, medieval Andalusian (Sephardic, Arabic and Spanish), southern Balkan (Bulgarian, Greek and Thracian Turkish), Irish, and more.

Special 20% Potomac Discount.*
Saturday, December 9

2:00 pm & 7:30 pm
George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium (Washington, DC)

*Offer in effect through Friday, December 8
or whenever 200 discount seats are sold.

The Revels Tradition at The Potomac School

Potomac’s involvement with the Revels dates back over 50 years, when Revels founder John M. (“Jack”) Langstaff, beloved music teacher and Music Director at Potomac from 1955 to 1967, gathered his students to create seasonal celebrations of the winter solstice and the rebirth of spring. Elements of those celebrations remain part of Potomac’s holiday assemblies and May Day festivities. Potomac alumni and teachers helped form Washington Revels in 1983. Potomac students made up the children’s chorus in that first Christmas Revels and (along with many other members of the Potomac community) have acted and sung in every show since then. Washington Revels' allocation to Potomac of up to 200 discounted tickets for two shows on the first weekend also dates back to 1983.

Potomac has recognized Jack Langstaff by naming the Engelhard Center auditorium after him. For its part, the Revels, celebrating the universal themes of the renewal of light and life through the prisms of different cultures, and the common responses that bind the human family together, honors values that have helped shape Potomac for over a century.


The first Revels organization was founded in 1971 by Jack Langstaff in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Revels companies are now active in nine cities across the United States. Each city is an independent nonprofit institution with its own board, office and artistic staff, and separate finances. An umbrella organization, Revels, Inc., maintains artistic standards for all cities, researches traditional materials from many cultures, and assists with scripts and music. Washington Revels, the fourth Revels company, was founded in 1983. After a quarter-century in the District of Columbia, Washington Revels relocated to new premises in Silver Spring, Maryland in October 2009. Our multi-purpose facility—including a studio space that accommodates rehearsals, performances for audiences of up to 100, and after-school workshops for kids—has enabled Washington Revels to expand educational programming, staged celebrations, and community involvement for the entire Washington metropolitan area.

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Continuing a 35-year tradition, Washington Revels is offering the Potomac community a 20% discount on up to 200 tickets for the Saturday, December 9: 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm shows.

This special Potomac offer is in effect through Friday, December 8 or whenever 200 discount seats are sold.

Ticket Price (after 20% discount)
Youth ages 18 and under

Orchestra A-N (2 center sections)
Adults $48 | Youth $32
Orchestra A-N (2 side sections)
Adults $40 | Youth $25.60
Terrace AA-JJ :
Adults $36 | Youth $21.60
Terrace KK-RR :
Adults $24 | Youth $16
Terrace SS-UU :
Adults $14.40 | Youth $9.60
Wheelchairs (Row N) :
Adults $48 | Youth $32 (center sections)
Adults $40 | Youth $25.60 (side sections)

Service charges: $2.50 per ticket + $3.50 per order.

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