Class Reunion Chairs

REUNION 2020 May 1 -2


All alumni are invited to Reunion 2020 to help celebrate the classes ending in ‘0 and ‘5. We need your help. Please volunteer to be Class Reunion Chair. Contact Laura Miller today. It is fun, easy and a great way to get connected.

Reunion 2020 Committee Class Reunion Chairs

2015 5th  | Chris Caskin, Jack Chason, and  Alex Gerson
2010 10th | Maggie Nelsen, Jack Overstreet, Bailey Ramsey, and Margo Thronson
2005 15th | Lolly Cunningham Rivas
2000 20th | Jonathan Direnfeld and Emily Gideon Yosmanovich
1995 25th | Nish Herat, Reed Kuhn, Keith Weinstein, and George Wisecarver
1990 30th | Tom Arundel, Edward Rossotti, Ashley Gerstenfeld Wiltshire, and Dudley Winthrop
1985 35th | Prentiss Vallender Lay
1980 40th | Allyson Avery
1975 45th | Lizzie Edgeworth Cantacuzene, Susan Holmes, and Alison Macdonald von Klemperer
1970 50th |Garrett Jewett, Kristin Rose Jaffe, Matthew Kimball, Jane McAllister, Bill McElwain, and Dana Strong
Revelers | Reunion Years 1969 and earlier