Potomac Connect

What is Potomac Connect?

Potomac Connect brings the Potomac School professional community closer together. As an alum, you can utilize this platform in a number of different ways:

1. Expand your network and discover other alumni in your city or by industry of interest.
2. Discover, apply for, and post internship and job opportunities.
3. Connect with students and provide one-on-one, career-related or college-related advice.

Potomac Connect was built with your busy schedule in mind. When connecting with other users, the program allows you to control your availability and level of participation by giving you options to:

1. Limit the number of inbound meeting requests per month and
2. Participate as a mentor to provide one-on-one, career related or college-related advice

How do I get started?

1. Click here!
2. Complete your profile (log in with LinkedIn to ease the sign-up process)
3. Verify the email sent to your inbox
4. Hold tight as we verify your account
5. Start networking, mentoring, and more!

Become a Mentor Today!

Do you seek to pay it forward and help others unlock their potential? Are you looking to share your career experiences with other Potomac alumni? Would you like to build your coaching and leadership skills?

As a Potomac Connect mentor you'll have the opportunity to impart your wisdom to other Potomac Alumni as well as current seniors.

You dictate how much time you're able to commit to Potomac Connect, and how many mentees you're willing to guide

Potomac Connect allows you to share your experiences and career journey with your mentees an enables you to serve as a resource as others develop their career and face new challenges.

Sign up today to begin your journey as a Potomac Connect mentor!

Become a Mentee Today!

Starting a new career? Seeking guidance from fellow alumni? Looking to better understand the trajectory of your career path?

Connect with Potomac Alumni today, and build a relationship as a mentee. You'll have the opportunity to work with a mentor in a long-term or short-term capacity.

Your mentor will be able to answer your career-oriented questions, meet with you virtually or in person, and provide valuable guidance. You will also be able to access valuable resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts.

Reach out to a mentor today, and begin your journey with Potomac Connect!


Contact Laura Miller, director of alumni relations at lmiller@potomacschool.org