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From Soil to Table - Skip Paul '68

Close your eyes and think of a farm. Perhaps a red barn comes to mind. Straight rows of corn stand at attention. This kind of farm – civilized, mechanized, regimented – makes Norman (Skip) Paul ’68 cringe.

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Naming Your "Non-Negotiables"

My recommendation for professionals - at any stage in your career - is to invest in figuring out what sparks your passion and your energy. 

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New Roads in Education

Kareem Farah ’09 does a lot of thinking during commutes. He recalls, “I often felt most productive learning material on my own or with peers after class.”

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To Save a Species (and Ourselves)

From the California coast to the Big Island of Hawaii and all the way to the TED-X stage in Vancouver, conservation medicine veterinarian Claire Simeone '03 promotes the welfare of endangered species.

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Delivering on the Promise

Lynne Lightfoote '91 practices medicine and mentorship with equal devotion, carrying on a family legacy of helping young women achieve their potential. 

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