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Student Leadership

We are especially proud of the tremendous breadth of leadership opportunities available to Upper School students. In fact, more than 25 percent of our students hold leadership positions. For example, our Activities are entirely student-run, awarding the student body significant responsibility. Leaders are supported throughout the year by faculty advisors, who guide students and help them to cultivate their personal leadership style.

Upper School Student Leadership Roles

Student Government

The Student Government Association is a leadership body composed of 3 freshman, 4 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 4 seniors elected by the student body. SGA works with the administration on student related issues, plans school events, supports student organizations, and works towards improving our Upper School. Students nominate themselves or classmates. Candidates give election speeches in the spring (9th grade in the fall), and members are elected to office.

Honor Council

The Honor Council is a leadership body composed of 4 juniors and 4 seniors. This council meets with every student who violates a major rule (except in cases of harassment). In addition, it is charged with presenting the Major Rules Assembly and Mock DC Assembly to the Upper School community in the fall. They recommend disciplinary and educational responses for Major Rule violations to the Head of Upper School. Candidates are nominated by the sitting DC and US faculty, and members are elected by the student body (grades 9-11).


The Stewards are a leadership body composed of ten juniors and ten seniors. The US Stewards care for the school in the present and future. They do this by overseeing advisory groups in the care of our common spaces (the cafeteria, Crossroads, and hallways) and by acting as ambassadors for the admission office. Stewards are nominated by the sitting US Stewards and are elected by the US faculty.

Senior Athletic Committees

SAC is a 12th grade leadership body. The purpose of the SAC is to provide leadership and service to the student body and community at large by promoting spirit, sportsmanship and dedication to Potomac Athletics and beyond. SAC candidates are nominated by current SAC members and US coaches, and members are selected by the Athletic Directors, US Dean of Students, and Upper School Head.

Peer Leaders

The peer leadership program is a leadership body providing support in various forms to the Upper School community. Peer Leaders facilitate 3 Conversations that Count programs, provide support to all students, facilitate assembly related follow-up conversations, work with the US Counselor on Drug and Alcohol related programming, and work with students in other divisions. Peer Leaders are 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Peer Leaders are nominated by sitting Peer Leaders and US faculty. Nominees are asked to write a letter of intent and interview with the US Counselor.

Writing Mentors

Upper School Writing Consultants are a 12th grade leadership body. The US Writing Consultants work with students to improve their writing by utilizing English Department designed methodologies and consultation tools. US Writing Consultants present as part of the 9th grade Writing Lab program. US Writing Consultants are nominated each spring by the junior year English faculty. Consultants are selected by the Director of the Writing Center.

Clubs & Activities

The Upper School Clubs & Activities program provides numerous opportunities for students to seek and execute leadership in the Upper School.

Math Tutors


The Potomac Upper School Summer Leadership Retreat is a two-day workshop focusing on the relationship of character, commitment, vision and life skills in the development of leadership. Open to all students in grades 10-12, the retreat touches on five principle topics: resilience, difficult conversations, communication, cultures of power and presence. During the workshop, students engage in various activities, discussions and group initiatives designed to explore a principle-based understanding of leadership. Lastly, students have an opportunity to assess their own style and development as leaders and set personal and group goals for the coming year.