An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

Clubs & Activities

W ith more than 35 Clubs and Activities, the Upper School offers opportunities to explore a host of extracurricular experiences and to develop leadership skills. Clubs are student-designed and led by a faculty advisor, who mentors and guides student participants. Activities are faculty-designed and student-led. Both Clubs and Activities take place during a designated time on Thursdays; however many of our students and faculty extend their interest and commitment to their Club or Activity beyond the boundaries of our schedule and campus.

Two Clubs and Activities seasons allow our students the opportunity to pursue various interests during the course of an academic year. We encourage our students and faculty to propose new Clubs and Activities that reflect their interests and passions. Unless otherwise indicated, all clubs and activities are active during the fall and spring seasons.

Activities - Faculty Led and Advised


In publication for more than 21 years, The Current is a newspaper managed, written, edited and designed by Upper School students. The Current has a dedicated opinion section, and also covers school news, arts and entertainment, school and professional sports, and other topics of interest to the student body. Students take on a variety of roles, ranging from senior editors and photographers to reporters and cartoonists.

Debate Team

Potomac competes in a style of debate called Public Forum Debate. Public Forum Debates are focused on hot topics in the news and involve pairs of debaters taking sides in “affirming” or “negating” a resolution. Debate competitions occur on weekends during the school year at “tournaments” where Potomac debaters compete against other debaters from around the region (and, on occasion, the entire country). Click here for more information.

Math Team

The math team is a semi-competitive fun way to get more involved with math! We participate in monthly competitions against other area independent schools. There are opportunities for other regional meets as well. Mathletes are able to participate on the A or B team. The two teams allow students to solve problems that are geared toward their mathematics background. The B team consists of 9th and 10th graders, so we love to have participation from underclassmen! There are a couple of guidelines for participants:

  • There will be weekly mandatory practice meetings during the Thursday afternoon break (20 minutes, once a week).
  • At the beginning of the season, there will also be one mandatory practice meet (to be held during the school day). This will allow prospective students to learn about the meets, and it will give returning mathletes the opportunity for a good practice after a long summer!
  • To be an “official mathlete” (and receive a cool T-shirt) mathletes should attend ½ of the six math meets. However, drop-in mathletes are welcome at any time during the year!


The goal of Model Congress is to encourage students to develop a lifelong commitment to responsible citizenship through the study of public issues, writing legislation and debating public policy with high-school students from around the country. Students spend the fall months in intensive preparation for the Princeton Model Congress Conference, which takes place for four days in November. The club meets weekly, and students research and write their own individual legislation, prepare debate points, practice public speaking, and learn rules of parliamentary procedure. (Fall and Winter)

Model UN

Model UN is designed for students with an interest in international politics, world affairs, and debate. Model UN is based on the United Nations, and allows students to simulate diplomatic situations in different actual UN committees and topics of debate. Model UN conferences are events that usually last one to three days with participants from across the country dedicated to the simulation of international relations. There are different levels of committees depending on experience ranging from beginner conferences, such as My First Model UN (which requires no experience whatsoever), to historically-based crisis-simulation committees. The primary focus of the club is representing Potomac at Model UN conferences as well as increasing awareness of participating students regarding international relations issues.


Paragon is the School’s yearbook. We are looking for committed individuals to join the Paragon staff to help produce a 300-page, full-color yearbook. We need writers, photographers and layout specialists with all levels of experience. Staff members meet during School and on weekends. Get involved with a creative effort that will chronicle the year for the entire school.


The purpose of Phoebus is to encourage Potomac students and faculty to spend time writing, painting, drawing and photographing – and to provide a venue for their work. At weekly meetings members examine and discuss work submitted for consideration, and at the end of the year the group publishes a book-style magazine.

Potomac Pulse - Online journal

As Potomac’s only student-­run website, the Pulse engages Potomac students through articles, photos, and videos about both Potomac specifically, and teenage areas of interest at ­large. Anyone who is interested in writing, photography, audio/video, web design, or who is simply interested in our website is encouraged to join. Additionally, as an online hub of student activity at Potomac, any clubs, groups, or teams looking to showcase something of theirs to the school are encouraged to contribute to The Potomac Pulse.

Robotics Team

The Potomac School Robotics program competes in the VEX Robotics Competition. Through our program, we strive to encourage our students to take interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related topics, in an exciting, yet challenging atmosphere. The robotics program runs all year long (including summer) with a few weeks of breaks during certain times of the year. Please see our website for more details.

Clubs - Clubs are student-directed and advised by a faculty member, who mentors and guides student participants.

A.S.I.A. Club

The mission of A.S.I.A. (Asian Students In America) is to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Asian culture at Potomac and to create an increased awareness for Asians and Asian-Americans who are making a significant impact in the world. Through conversations and enrichment activities, we hope club members will see Asian culture both globally and in America in a different, more appreciative light. We hope club members will discover new interests in both traditional and modern Asian culture.

Bells Club

Bells Club is a group designed to have a say in the music we listen to between classes. It is a great way to set the energy and determine the face of our day!

Black Student Alliance

The Black Student Alliance will serve to foster an environment in which students of all races can explore African-American culture, lifestyle, and history. Our conversations are not restricted to just the black population, as these conversations pertain to everyone and American society as a whole. The goal of the Alliance is not just to address race relation issues, but to also give African-Americans a presence in the Potomac School community.


Learn how to play the ancient game of kings: chess. Or, if you are already a master, try your skills at slaying the opposition in a fight to the death!

Dancers of Potomac

The Dancers of Potomac meet to learn about and practice styles of contemporary dance with an eye toward raising awareness about the beauty and power of dance within the Potomac community.


Join FOCUS, the Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools, on Tuesday nights from 6:00 to 7:15 pm in U225 for pizza, games and a discussion on the Christian faith. Whether you come weekly or just drop in to check FOCUS out, you are always welcome. FOCUS is an organization dedicated to encouraging independent school students to explore a life of faith that is real, adventurous, intellectually sound and eminently practical. We hope you will come!

Gay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance works to improve Potomac's climate for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Not just for students who identify themselves as gay, the GSA is a safe place to grapple with issues on such diverse topics as bullying, civil rights, language and culture. It provides opportunities for students to discuss topics relating to sexual orientation, both here at Potomac and in the world at large. In addition, as part of a network of GSAs (there are more than 4,000 chapters in high schools across the United States), it provides support, education and activities designed to promote recognition and equality for all people.

Gen-Z Potomac

Gen-Z Potomac’s mission is to expose high-school students to career options and to explore entrepreneurial aspirations. Our club leverages the close relationship with GEN-Z, a program focused on exposing high-school students to the best and brightest entrepreneurs in Washington, DC. The events typically feature principals in exciting start-up firms as speakers as well as giving high-school participants one-on-one access for networking and mentoring.


Insongniacs is an all-female a cappella singing group, founded in the fall of 2012. The group performs a range of music from pop hits to traditional folk ballads.


Our mission is to educate students about the market economy and the potential risks and rewards involved with investing funds. We hope to gain a higher understanding of business, specifically finance, through applying what we learn into real world financial situations, such as the virtual stock market game. We plan to hold weekly and monthly competitions, following the market trends, in order to see who is most successful.


Mag 7 is an all-male, seven-voice a cappella singing group, performing a wide variety of arrangements from many different style.


MVOC celebrates the cultural differences of our community and strives to unite one another by sharing our stories and traditions. Through interviews, postings on the “Who We Are” bulletin board, and other interactive discussions about our traditions and backgrounds, we intend to spark a greater awareness and deeper understanding within the Potomac community and of the world from the stories our classmates and faculty share. MVOC is continuing the Potomac tradition of celebrating students for who they are.


Whether you are interested in politics and have very strong opinions, or if you just want to listen to other people’s opinions, this club is for you. We won’t just discuss politics; we will watch political ads and videos and make some of our own, too. If you see something in the news you think would be a good, debatable topic, you can bring it in to our meeting every other week to have it debated. Even if you don’t know anything about politics, come in and learn something because politics play a huge role throughout our lives.


Quintessence is an all-female, five-voice a cappella group that sings original arrangements of songs in styles including doo-wop, swing, contemporary pop, soul, and hip-hop.


The mission of the E-Sports Club is to provide a platform for discussion and analysis of professional level gaming. We hope to introduce new players, or even non-gamers, to high-level gaming, as well as to allow the substantial veteran community that has developed at Potomac to hone their skills, explore the sociological implications of professional gaming, and enjoy being nerds.


The Potomac School Science and Engineering Club will allow students to sample and explore different areas of science, engineering and medicine and also help them learn about recent discoveries. Students will take several intellectually expanding visits to laboratories, companies and organizations in the Washington area covering a range of science and engineering topics. Overall, this club is perfect for any Upper School student interested in science and who wants to learn more about a wide range of scientific and engineering topics.

Street Art Club

The Street Art Club make the upper school a more interesting place to be by transforming the hallways. We want to offer a style of art that doesn’t fit into the traditional art curriculum and challenge people to see everyday spaces in new and different ways.


The mission of SEA is to increase awareness of environmental issues among Potomac students so that they can act both collectively and individually to promote environmental conservation and sustainability. Members engage in and prepare education programs; participate in campus "greening" efforts; collaborate with students, faculty and parents across divisions; sponsor creative contests for Earth Day; maintain the US vegetable gardens; host fall and spring Farmers Markets; and actively pursue venues for volunteer fun!


X Alliance is a club in which we learn, discuss, advocate and act on issues that are important to women in today’s society and within the Potomac School community. The club will meet and learn about successful women in their field of work and volunteer our time to support organizations that support women who are underprivileged. X Alliance is a great way to educate yourself and the student body, as well as an opportunity to give back to your community. All are welcome!

Youth Empowerment Club

The Youth Empowerment Club allows students to engage in conversation about important social issues surrounding us. As a group, we read stories from the lives of real people and learn how they overcame difficulties and challenges that impeded their lives. As a group, we discuss them and together understand the many different viewpoints and perspectives. We do not debate; rather, we consult and respect everybody’s opinion with a civilized discussion. Furthermore, we will contemplate different ways to implement these perspectives in our daily lives. By understanding the issues and learning how to overcome negative forces, we will become champions of justice, builders of unity, and agents of change.


YouToo Tennis is a Potomac club that provides tennis instruction to high-functioning autistic children and their siblings during the spring and fall seasons. The club strives to provide an opportunity these children to have fun, make new friends and learn a lifetime sport they can enjoy with their families. At the end of each season, every student who completes the program is awarded a trophy, inscribed with his/her name and “YouTooTennis” champion. The club was founded in 2011 and has grown quickly, and built a strong reputation in the community, with sponsorship by Autism Society of Northern Virginia (ASNV), Parents of Autistic Children (POAC), and the Wolfe foundation. YouToo Tennis has been featured on Channel 9 News and in the Washingtonian Magazine.