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Academic Departments & Curriculum

Small classes, big explorations.The Upper School program offers our diversely talented student body a wide breadth of offerings that allows for rich discovery. Our curriculum encourages students to pursue their interests and passions at advanced levels, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that await beyond their time at The Potomac School.

Potomac classes are small, cited by many as the basis for distinctive and enduring relationships between teachers and students. Students encounter a variety of academic disciplines – from traditional subjects to an array of electives.

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Upper School Day

Time is set aside for students to meet with their advisors, discuss coursework with teachers, gather with friends, participate in a wide variety of clubs and activities, attend assemblies, and study in the library.

Process of Learning

At Potomac, we believe education should be something more than the mere accumulation of knowledge and skills. Learning is a process of discovery and transformation, achieved through pursuing individual passions and unearthing new ways of viewing the world.

Potomac’s Upper School promotes our belief that students learn best when they learn together, which means that we graduate amazing young adults who have prepared themselves not only for college, but for life. While the list of colleges and universities to which Potomac sends graduates is impressive, we recognize this is only one measure of Potomac’s success as an academic institution. The Potomac School prepares students for a rapidly changing and demanding world, even as it promotes a spirit of kindness, integrity of character, and civic conscience.



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The integration of technology and curriculum is highly valued; technology instruction is embedded into every subject area. Students use technology as a creative tool to help them solve problems in their world. Our program's success stems from the collaboration among our academic technologists, classroom teachers, and librarians, ensuring that the use of computers and all related technologies are integrated with their curricular experience. 

Tech & Innovation