Tech & Innovation

Technology Philosophy

At The Potomac School, our mission requires us to provide our students the foundation they need to thrive and adapt in a technologically-fueled society. Effective use of technology is essential for teaching and learning in a global, digital age. Given that technology tools are continually changing, our focus is on providing students with the fundamental concepts and skills that have no “expiration date” rather than getting them to master a specific tool. At The Potomac School, students will be exposed to a wide variety of tools, applications, and platforms that will be integrated fully into their learning experience. 

Tech Team

Sean Moran
Director of Technology & Innovation
ex. 301

Jenni Ashley
Grades 6-12 Technology and Innovation Coach
ex. 562

Sarah Gardner
Grades K-5 Technology and Innovation Coach ex. 106

Loretta Sevier
Director of Web Services
ex. 277

Kelly Laraia
Systems Analyst
ex. 393

Elana Milstein
Technology Operations Coordinator
ex. 584

Roger Ankrah
Senior Information Technology Specialist
ex. 802