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Tech & Innovation

Technology Philosophy

At The Potomac School, our mission requires us to provide our students the foundation they need to thrive and adapt in a technologically-fueled society. Effective use of technology is essential for teaching and learning in a global, digital age. Given that technology tools are continually changing, our focus is on providing students with the fundamental concepts and skills that have no “expiration date” rather than getting them to master a specific tool. At The Potomac School, students will be exposed to a wide variety of tools, applications, and platforms that will be integrated fully into their learning experience. 

Acceptable Use Policy

The school’s Acceptable Use Policies reflect the Core Values, and simply put when using technology tools and applications, students should have respect and concern for the rights, feelings, property, and personal spaces of others.

Potomac teachers recognize the value of appropriate use of technology as a means of enhancing teaching and learning. The Potomac School is committed to integrating technology and innovative practices into the school program to enhance students’ learning experiences.

The Schoolwide Acceptable Use Policy outlines the expected use of technology tools, services, and network for academic purposes. The Middle and Intermediate Schools also have a specific grade-level Acceptable Use Policy reflecting the use of assigned Chromebooks both in and out of school.

Grade 9 BYOD Policy


Overview of Policy The Upper School Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy is designed to set a framework for consistent, responsible, and ethical use of technology. The policy outlines the requirements for each student to provide his/her own device and use it in an acceptable manner that supports learning. Students are expected to bring their devices to school each day to engage in research, collaborative writing, organization, and software-specific applications that promote design and problem solving, as well as general classroom learning.


Technology Tools and Applications

The Potomac School is committed students with not only the skills needed to succeed in a digital society but also the tools. In the Lower School, carts of iPads, MacBooks, and Chromebooks are available to teachers. In the Middle and Intermediate Schools, each student is assigned a device; in grades 4-5, iPads are issued that stay in classrooms; in grades 6-8, Chromebooks are issued that travel home with the students for homework completion. In the Upper School, students bring their own devices. The Potomac School utilizes G Suite for Education (Google), and all students have an assigned Google account beginning in third grade with students in grades 6-12 having access to email.

Digital Citizenship

Teachers and students engage in ongoing conversations about digital citizenship and maintaining a healthy digital diet. Technology and Innovation Coaches partner with the counselors to lead activities and discussions in classrooms and assemblies and offer parent forums. In addition, Potomac School has partnered with Common Sense Media ( to offer resources and lessons to teachers and families.

Tech Team

Sean Moran
Director of Technology & Innovation
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Jenni Ashley
Grades 6-12 Technology and Innovation Coach
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Sarah Gardner
Grades K-5 Technology and Innovation Coach ex. 106

Loretta Sevier
Director of Web Services
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Kelly Laraia
Systems Analyst
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Elana Milstein
Technology Operations Coordinator
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Roger Ankrah
Senior Information Technology Specialist
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