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Intermediate School Academic Support

The Intermediate School offers all students varying levels of academic support.  The Learning Specialist assists students in working towards success within our school’s challenging curriculum depending on student need. The Learning Specialist works with teachers to provide the skills necessary to differentiate in the classroom to ensure student success. 

Academic student support  may include:

  • Individual and small group instruction on specific academic skills and assignments in the classroom setting
  • Intermittent one-to-one meetings to aid with executive functioning skills
  • Participation in an after school supervised study session

If a student requires further support, The Intermediate School Support Team (ISST) will meet to discuss how to accommodate the child’s needs throughout the year. 

Potomac does provide a limited number of accommodations for students with documented learning differences. Students seeking accommodations are required to provide a recent psycho-educational or neuropsychological report for both school-based and standardized testing accommodations. Learning specialists will review the assessments and develop an appropriate learning plan that includes accommodations within the general curricular setting. Prospective families considering Potomac are invited to call a learning specialist to discuss accommodations that we provide. 

Intermediate School Student Support Team

  • Academic Dean
  • Director of Learning Support 7-12
  • Learning Specialist
  • Division Head
  • Dean of Student Life
  • All content area teachers
  • Counselor


Dr. Jennifer Durham

Director of Learning Support, grades 7-12

Alex Helwink


Alex Helwink

Learning Specialist, grades 7-8