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Research Process

Research Documents


Noodle Tools

Noodletools is a comprehensive notetaking program. We recommend that all students use it to keep information organized and attributed to the appropriate source. To open a new account contact your librarian.

Bibliography or Works Cited Page

You are responsible for keeping a working bibliography or works cited page as you explore your topic. Make sure you do this. It will make your task much simpler. At the bare minimum record the call number, author and title.

Keeping Handwritten Records

  • You can get a record sheet from the library or by clicking above for a pdf file version.
  • Fill in information from the title page. All necessary information except copyright is usually on this page. Copyright can usually be found on the back side of the title page.

Creating a List of Print Resources using Alexandria

  • Login to Alexandria with your user id (4 digit number) and password.
  • Close out Library Card window
  • Add list by clicking on + on left menu next to List.
  • Give list a name and click Add
  • Enter key words and search for materials
  • Add titles to your named list by clicking Add to List.

Printing your List

  • Select the List name from left menu
  • Choose the printer icon on page or Print in yellow box
  • Choose format:
    • Short details - best for beginning research process. Includes all bibliographic info, call number and short description
    • Citation format – best for final bibliography. Put books in alphabetical order by author by clicking on the grey author bar. Note: Titles are not properly capaitalized.
    • Simple List - shows call number and book status (in or out)
  • Choose printer from File menu.
  • For final works cited page, copy and paste the list in Citation Format into a MS Word document. Edit for proper format including insertion of hanging indents.

Using an On-line Citation Builder

  • Visit Citation Maker
    • Choose type of work you are citing from selections on left.
    • Enter information in the builder. Save citation and it will automatically put the information in the proper citation format.
    • Select Show Citation.
    • Cut and Paste citation into a word processing document.
    • Put in alphabetical order by beginning of entry and format with a hanging indent.
  • Visit Easy Bib. It now has a feature to create cittations using the ISBN of a book or adress of website