General Research Sites
Ancient Greece: Another wonderful site courtesy of the British Museum

Ancient Greek World: This site enables you to search for specific information about life in Ancient Greece. Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology an Anthropology.

History for Courtesy of Portland State University, this site is excellent for researching various aspects of Ancient Greece.

Daily Life in Ancient Greece: Although this site is dedicated to daily life in Ancient Greece, I think the most interesting part is the comparison of the differing attitudes among the people living in various cities in Ancient Greece.

The Greeks: The highlight of this sit is an interactive timeline, courtesy of PBS.

Ancient Greece: An introduction to Ancient Greece for younger students from the BBC. Includes cartoon tours and sections on Athens and the Olympics.

Battle of Salamis
Battle of Salamis: Listen to this informative interview of the author The Battle of Salamis on NPR.

Coins of Ancient Greece

The Real Story of the Olympics: This site explores the history of the Olympic games.

The Ancient Olympics: This site created by the Perseus Digital Library has separate sections on Olympia, sports, and renowned athletes.

Study of the Oracles: Courtesy of the Portland State University

Peloponnesian War
Peloponnesian War

The Immortals: Contains excellent information for each of the immortals, including every mention of every one (by book and line) in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Myth Web: Despite the cartoonish illustrations, this site contains detailed information about many of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Short encyclopedia entries on a huge range of mythical figures.

Mythology Link: Excellent source of information, includes an extensive gallery of sculptures and artwork for each god.

Greek Theater
Ancient Greek Theater

The Greek Theatre - a cartoon tour of Ancient greek theatres from the BBC.

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