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Middle School

General Research Sites
Ancient Egypt: The British Museum: Learn about Egyptian life, pharaohs, temples, pyramids, and more.

Eternal Egypt: Artifacts, 3D reconstructions, timelines,and much more from museum and archaeological sites within Egypt

BBC: Ancient History: An extensive site with sections on pyramids, mummification, pharaohs, daily life, and heiroglyphs. Also includes some enjoyable interactive games.

History for Courtesy of Portland State University, this site is excellent for researching various aspects of Ancient Egypt.

Egypt's Golden Empire: Website of PBS series. Includes video clips, useful links, timeline and a day in the life and teacher resources.

Tour Egypt: A guide to touring Egypt which includes information on modern and ancient Egypt. Includes a separate section just for kids with good information.

Explore Ancient Egypt: A self-guided tour of Egypt provided by PBS. 

History Channel: This website includes short videos, pictures, graphics. 

Discovering Ancient Egypt: Kid friendly website with sections on heiroglyphs, gods, kings, and pyramids among others 

Mr. Donn: Another kid friendly site with numerous entries on Ancient Egypt. Authors are not experts but generally reliable and accurate. 

Guardian's Egypt An index to multiple sites about mummies on the web. The clickable mummy is particularly fun.

Egyptian Mummification An informative site with artifacts from the Spurlock Museum. 

Animal Mummies: An informative site about mummies made from pets and other sacred animals.

Pyramids and Tombs
Pyramids: The Inside Story This PBS site thoroughly explores all aspects of pyramids.

Who Built the Pyramids: Website for NOVA special on the construction of the pyramids

Excavating the Lost City: Descriptions of the lives of the people who built the pyramids.

Theban Mapping Project: Complex but interesting website focusing on excavations of tombs. 4th graders should probably focus on the Atlas of the Valley of the Kings 

The Return of Papyrus

Pharaoh's Obelisk: NOVA investigates how obelisks are constructed and erected.

Egyptology News: News articles about new discoveries in Egyptology.

Gods and Godesses: The British Museum Summaries and pictures of the gods and godesses of Ancient Egypt

Encyclopedia Mythica: Short encyclopedia entries on a huge range of mythical figures.


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