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An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC


British Museum
A marvelous site with sections on crafts, geography, time, tombs, and writing. Site includes stories and activities.

History for Kids
Informative site with short descriptions of topics such as religion, economy, clothing, and more. Large amounts of advertising can be distracting.

Chinese Sourcebook
A visual sourcebook of Chinese civilization from the University of Washington. Specific chapters include geography, ancient tombs, Buddhism, calligraphy, military ttechnology, painting, homes, gardens, 20th, and graphic arts

Mr. Donn's History of China
A well-done personal web page with a good overview in graph form of Chinese dynasties. Since this is a personal site, information should be confirmed.

Discovery Channel on Ancient China
Videos on a variety of subjects including the Silk Road and the Great Wall

Timeline of Ancient China courtesy of the British Museum.

Chinese Medicine
Encyclopedia Britannica article on Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Characters
A fun site where you can put in words and see the different Chinese characters.

A site about different Chinese inventions.

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