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Middle School Curriculum


Challenge and Balance

Children thrive in small classes, so we provide four sections for each grade level. In fourth grade, students study math, language arts, and social studies with their classroom teacher. Starting in fifth grade, students may have a partner classroom teacher for math and language arts, but spend the rest of their academic day with their homeroom teacher.. These classrooms are true communities unto themselves, where students have voices and ideas that matter. A strong emphasis is placed throughout the Middle School experience on children's social and emotional growth. The Potomac tradition of assembly helps students to improve poise and self-confidence, especially when speaking in public.


Independent Thinkers

Potomac Middle School students step up - to ask questions, to gain additional growth opportunities, to advocate for themselves and their peers, and to the challenge. Middle Schoolers are growing into independent thinkers and doers. Through inquiry based learning and academic choice, students and teachers consistently dig in; to learn fact. through simulation and bring the complex to life. Learning occurs everywhere, from fourth grade outdoor education; to our annual fifth grade Invention Convention; to sixth grade field trips on the Anacostia River.

Life at Potomac Getting Outside 3


Fostering and challenging students during a time of tremendous growth.


Through experimentation and play, students are encouraged to discover the possibilities of materials in order to develop imaginative and creative solutions to structured artistic challenges.

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Health and Guidance

The Middle School Health/Guidance program is designed to heighten the awareness and understanding of children's physical, social and emotional changes.

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Language Arts

Students build respect for the use of language and an appreciation for good literature. These help students hone their writing, reading, listening, and effective speaking skills

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The library brings in professional authors on a regular basis who share their personal stories with our students and encourage students to try writing on their own.

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Potomac uses Math in Focus (MIF), a program based on Singapore Math model. The program focuses on an in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts and problem solving. 

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The Middle School General Music program is based on the Orff-Schulwerk approach to teaching and learning, which strives to build musicianship in every learner through the integration of singing, instrumental music, movement, speech, and drama.

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Physical Education

The purpose of the physical education program in Middle School is to provide an environment in which each student can develop confidence in his or her physical self.

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The Middle School science program is designed to expose students to basic concepts and to foster an appreciation of science in their lives through hands-on activities.

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Social Studies

Students explore early humans, first and ancient civilizations, and the origins and basic beliefs of major world religions.

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In the Middle School, the integration of technology and curriculum is highly valued; technology instruction is embedded into every subject area.

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World Languages

The Middle School Spanish Language program, while working to develop language proficiency in Spanish, is primarily designed to capture the unique cognitive benefits of second language acquisition for children of this age.

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