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IS Athletics

Sportsmanship is a crucial life skill to learn on and off the competition landscape. The athletic programs in the Intermediate School offer students a full range of opportunities and experiences.  Students participate in sports during each season and benefit from their introduction to the many educational merits of interscholastic competition. The program is designed to develop conditioning, sport-specific skills, tactics and strategies, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The number of teams in each sport varies according to the level of interest. Every effort is made to provide each student the opportunity to participate on a team, and when more than one team is offered, students are grouped according to ability.


IS Girls B Basketball


The Potomac School values healthy rivalry, encourage spirited and fair play, and appreciate the positive support offered on the sidelines and in the stands. To continue the positive traditions that have been established and recognized, we ask our community to renew its efforts to embody the ideals of our athletic department and school. Players and coaches will at all times represent themselves, their teams, and their school with pride and poise.

From seeing yourself grow as an athlete, person, and teammate, to learning how to accept defeat, challenge yourself, and test your physical and mental strength – athletics are an important component in the Intermediate School. 

While students participate to compete, many students play for fun, for the love of the game, or to try something new. Our coaches and school leaders work with students to ensure they are aware of the tangential benefits that sports offer them. 

Intermediate School Offerings

Fall Winter Spring
Field Hockey Girls Basketball (A & B teams) Boys Lacrosse (A & B teams)
Lightweight Football Boys Basketball (A, B & C teams) Girls Lacrosse (A & B teams)
Heavyweight Football Wrestling (one team) Softball (A & B teams)
Boys Soccer (A & B teams) Conditioning Class (Coed) Baseball (A & B teams)
Girls Soccer (A & B teams) Squash (Coed) Track and Field (Coed)
Girls Tennis (A & B teams) Winter Musical Boys Tennis (A & B teams)
Cross Country (coed)    
Girls Volleyball (A & B teams)