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Integrated Curriculum

How do we help students thrive? From foundational knowledge, to advanced courses, performing arts, technology, world languages, Life Skills, and athletics - everything is integrated to the curriculum, broadening each student's experience and piquing their curiosity each day. The goals of the curriculum are to attain confidence and competence in a variety of areas while developing a comprehensive understanding throughout their time in the Intermediate School. 

IS August Academics


Strong Foundation

Ultimately, Intermediate School provides solid preparation for the next level of academic and personal challenge; Upper School. In their time in IS, students leverage healthy and supportive relationships with peers and teachers to gain a strong academic foundation, build self-confidence, and hone social and emotional skills. We believe that this is the best possible preparation for the opportunities that await these young people in the years ahead.


Developing habits of effective learning essential to their future.


Within the two years that they are in the Intermediate School, they explore drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, digital photography and technology, textiles, and sculpture.

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The athletic programs in the Intermediate School offer students a full range of opportunities and experiences. Students participate in sports during each season and benefit from their introduction to the many educational merits of interscholastic competition.

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Seventh grade English introduces students to literary analysis and emphasizes effective strategies for communicating ideas and opinions.

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Students also explore current events as they arise and connect to the study of early American history.

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The Mathematics Department at the Potomac School believes that math is a powerful tool necessary for success in a wide variety of fields and lifelong endeavors.

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The music program in the seventh and eighth grades emphasizes musical literacy through performance.

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The Intermediate School science program instills in students the idea that science is not just a body of knowledge, but also a way of viewing the world.

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To promote growth in students, the IS Seminar course exposes students to key life skills and concepts that help them develop as ethical thinkers, leaders, community members, and teammates in their time at Potomac and beyond.

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The Intermediate School approaches technology as an integral tool to promote research, collaboration, and communication in the 21st century.

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Every winter, a group of Intermediate School actors present the junior version of a well-known musical in our Langstaff Auditorium

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