An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC


  • All juniors will take the PSAT in October at Potomac.
  • There is a College Counseling Night in November for juniors and their parents.
  • During December break, students will receive a lengthy questionnaire asking them for information pertaining to their academic, extracurricular, and personal lives. These forms are due back at the very beginning of second semester.
  • A few students might choose to take the SAT in January if they feel adequately prepared or if the March date is not a possibility for them.
  • Each junior will set up an individual meeting with his or her college counselor. No meeting can take place without our receipt of the completed questionnaire. Students who want to make plans to visit colleges over Spring Break should be in touch with their college counselors by the end of February for the initial individual meeting. After this meeting, the student will have a general sense of the range of colleges worth reading about and visiting. Parents who want to schedule an individual meeting should do so after the student has had his or her meeting.
  • During Spring Break, students should visit a few colleges. Because many admission officers will be busy in committee making decisions on applications submitted by the current senior class, it may be difficult to set up interviews. While these are not required by many colleges, they may be recommended. A number of students prefer to visit campuses in the summer only. This is fine, except for the fact that there won't be many current students on campus—though the admission officers will generally be available. There is no ideal time to visit campuses; Spring Break provides one opportunity. Students' ideas about college are still developing so seeing a campus too much earlier than Spring Break is generally not useful. Students change their minds or forget what they saw, so the college may have to be re-visited. On occasion, students might have to take a day off from school to visit a college.
  • Athletes who might be recruited to play at college should attend the evening meeting in January.
    Potential NCAA Division I & II athletes: Go to the NCAA Eligibility Center and register if you haven’t. Prospective college athletes should (re)initiate contact with coaches (either yourself or through your coach).
  • Most juniors will take the SAT in March and the ACT in April.
  • There will be the Washington Area Independent School College Fair in April. Attendance at the fair, even if only to request materials and meet admission officers, is recommended.
  • The second College Counseling Night in May will cover college admission decisions and what is important to admission officers in that process.
  • Take the Subject Tests (SAT II) in May or June. Some students will also take (or re-take) the SAT or ACT in May or June.
  • AP exams are in May.
  • During the summer, students should rest, but also be productive in one area—job, community service, internship, camp counseling, research, etc. And they should visit a few colleges.