An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC


Heather B. Deardorff
Director of College Counseling
(703) 749-6382

Barbara Hancock
Associate Director of College Counseling
(703) 749-6386

Christopher Zissi
Associate Director of College Counseling
(703) 873-5545

Karen Djorup
College Counseling Coordinator
(703) 883-2242

College Visits Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Dec 30
Mon, Dec 31
Tue, Jan 1
Wed, Jan 2
Thu, Jan 3
Fri, Jan 4
Sat, Jan 5
Sun, Jan 6
Mon, Jan 7
Tue, Jan 8
Wed, Jan 9
Thu, Jan 10
Fri, Jan 11
Sat, Jan 12
Sun, Jan 13
Mon, Jan 14
Tue, Jan 15
Wed, Jan 16
Thu, Jan 17
Fri, Jan 18
Sat, Jan 19
Sun, Jan 20
Mon, Jan 21
Tue, Jan 22
Wed, Jan 23
Thu, Jan 24
Fri, Jan 25
Sat, Jan 26
Sun, Jan 27
Mon, Jan 28
Tue, Jan 29
Wed, Jan 30
Thu, Jan 31
Fri, Feb 1
Sat, Feb 2
  • These visits are informational; they are not interviews.
  • Please sign-up for visits through your Naviance account.
  • You should not miss class for a college visit. However, if you think it ESSENTIAL to get information, you may make a request to miss class a day in advance. YOUR TEACHERS MAY CHOOSE NOT TO EXCUSE YOU.
  • While you must be frugal and selective about missing class to attend a session, you can still stop by for a few minutes and say hello to the representative and then go back to class. You can also leave a note for a representative welcoming him or her to the school and saying that you will be in touch if you have questions. Leaving a note or saying hello will also re-demonstrate your interest in that school.
  • If you think you might apply to a school or want to make that decision, the info session may help you. If you KNOW you’re applying early, the session will not be of much use.
  • College reps have hectic schedules, and they may be late for a visit. Please be patient if this happens.
  • If you see a lost visitor, he or she may be a college rep. Please ask if you can help, and direct the person to the college counseling office if that’s what he or she is looking for.