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Strings Visitors from IS

The IS String Orchestra played for a very interested and welcoming audience of third graders last week. The older students demonstrated the various special effects they can make with their instruments, performed a spooky Halloween piece, and introduced their new LS friends to stringed instruments. The IS can’t wait to come back to play for LS again! Enjoy the photo gallery.

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Grade 3 Scientists Share Experiments

Last Friday’s Grade 3 Science Fair was a day of discovery, learning, and excitement. Over the past month, our third grade scientists worked on perfecting their experiments in preparation for their presentations to the Potomac community. Some projects explored extracting DNA from strawberries, honey crystallization, what liquids help plants grow, and beta fish behavior. Check out the photos

Dino Dig

The kindergarten paleontologists continued studying dinosaurs with a fossil dig in the big sandbox. They had tremendous success finding deer antlers, cow jaws, and scapulas. They really dug it! 

Grade 1 Hosts Publishing Party

Poetry may be one of our young authors’ favorite genres! Once students in Ms. Berke’s grade 1 class got past the notion that poems have to rhyme, their pens started flying across the page. You would be amazed by the weight and power of their poems. At the end of the unit, each child selected a poem to publish. On the Friday before Winter Break, the class held a poetry reading at a "coffee shop" for our writing celebration. Kids sipped hot chocolate and enjoyed a snack while they listened to poets read their poems out loud. 

This Week in Kitchen Chemistry

Kindergarteners are continuing their studies in kitchen chemistry! In a recent experiment, they learned about diffusion – or when things spread out. They observed the sugar coating diffusing off Skittles and added a sugar cube in the center for even greater diffusion excitement. This was a sweet science lesson! 

Garlic Farming at Potomac

On Tuesday morning, the third grade Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and Trail Guardian committees planted garlic and buckwheat in the Lower School garden beds, which will serve as a native pollinator garden during the summer and early fall months. The students learned how to plant garlic and when to harvest the buckwheat before it grasses. It was a beautiful, brisk morning to hone their farming skills!

Grade 2 Visits the National Museum of the American Indian

Second graders recently took a field trip to the National Museum of the American Indian! Students were able to explore and think about how culture is conveyed through stories, dance, music, art, and values. Teachers helped students find examples of how where you live affects how you live. It was an educational day, and the students enjoyed the museum.