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Strings Visitors from IS

The IS String Orchestra played for a very interested and welcoming audience of third graders last week. The older students demonstrated the various special effects they can make with their instruments, performed a spooky Halloween piece, and introduced their new LS friends to stringed instruments. The IS can’t wait to come back to play for LS again! Enjoy the photo gallery.

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Shining a Light on Holiday Traditions Around the World

Our kindergartners enjoyed their field trip to see Seasons of Light at the Smithsonian's Discovery Theater. Excited and engaged, the children marveled at the show, which focuses on holidays and cultural celebrations from around the world. The performance addressed the origins of various holiday traditions, including singing songs, displaying colored lights, and enjoying special activities with family and friends.

student sits at pottery wheeel

On November 18, local ceramics artist and educator Ryan Rakhshan visited Lower School Art to teach third graders all about ceramics. Mr. Rakhshan shared examples of his unique sculptures and answered questions about his artistic process. Then, students had a great time working with the artist, getting their hands messy by throwing a small clay pot on the potter's wheel. Enjoy some more photos from his visit. 

Angklung Instrument

Lower School students recently participated in an educational program with visiting musicians, arranged by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington, DC. The students learned about the angklung, an Indonesian musical instrument made from bamboo, which symbolizes unity and community. Topics included how and where the instruments are made, the significance of using bamboo, and the geographical layout of Indonesia and its more than 17,000 islands.

Professor Diah Ayu Maharani, DDS, PhD, the Educational and Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, attended the program in support of bringing awareness of Indonesian culture to Potomac’s students. Read more

Third Grade Onsite Science Field Trip

Our third grade students enjoyed an onsite field trip last Thursday, working with the Watershed Education and Outreach organization to conduct water quality tests and benthic organism studies in Pimmit Run creek on Potomac's campus. The students learned about water quality metrics that help identify the health of a stream and tested the water for dissolved oxygen and pH, both of which came back in the moderately healthy range. In addition, they observed various benthic macroinvertebrates, including mayflies, hellgrammites, and damselflies. It was a terrific day of learning on our beautiful campus.

student looks through microscope

First graders have been learning about all things arthropodic, especially insects and spiders. They have learned how to identify them by their anatomical parts, where to find them in nature, and what their various means of defense are. Getting a closer look under the microscopes, the first graders were amazed by the brilliance and intricacies of many arthropods’ wings and marveled at the fact that insects have breathing holes in their abdomens. What a great learning experience!