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Treehouse Constructions in Grade 8 Art

Eighth grade A block art students have created treehouse constructions using sticks, cardboard, and twine. They worked in pairs, using their imaginations and developing practical construction skills as part of their architecture unit.

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French Students Spread La Gaieté

On Tuesday, IS French students welcomed the winter season, singing “Vive le Vent” (“Jingle Bells”) and spreading holiday cheer as they caroled through the halls and into the Flag Circle building, where they offered lunchtime entertainment for Middle School students. Then, they enjoyed a special French luncheon – a feast of crêpes, quiches, bûches de Noël, and other traditional fare – prepared by parents and teachers. Bonne Année et Merci à tous! Enjoy the video!

Students View New "Black Panther" Film

Over the weekend, Potomac IS and US students from the IS Black Student Alliance and US Black Student Union had the opportunity to watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The latest Marvel film pays tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, who played the title character in the previous installment. The movie also celebrates Black culture while portraying an ideal picture of a world in which diversity, equity, and a sense of belonging provide a deep foundation for a thriving community. 

We hope that viewing this film will inspire Black and Brown Potomac students to come together and work for growth and change in our community. Now, that's true power! 

Last Friday, five eighth graders represented Potomac’s Intermediate School at the St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School Middle School Diversity Conference. The event was attended by more than 120 students from all over the Mid-Atlantic region. The participants attended workshops about being a change agent and an ally, learned how to make their middle school voices heard, and explored what it means to go from well-meaning to well-doing. In the near future, the students who participated will share what they learned with their peers. 

Grade 8 Robotics at VEX Competition

Eighth graders are taking their shot at VEX robotics competitions just like the Upper School students. Learn more about the recent challenge they’ve been working on called the "Spin Up." This challenge involves programming, driving, and teamwork skills. To succeed, students must interact with other teams to strategize and earn the best collective scores in addition to finding their best individual team solutions. During their first competition over the weekend, students from all three of the eighth grade teams (13A, 13B, 13C) made it to the semifinals in the single elimination portion of the tournament. In the finals match, 13B and 13C faced each other in opposing alliances. Students in 13B (Jacob Jackson, Nikhil Kothari, and Sophia Sultan) came out on top to emerge as teamwork champions, qualifying them for the VA state tournament this spring. 

Grade 8 robotics team members include: Jackson, Sam Kim, Ege Kirgiz, Kothari, Shlok Kuchangi, Julian Mankovsky, Kate Myslewicz, Advay Sharma, Luke Steindler, Sultan, and Lance Weimer.

Last week, members of the IS and US Bands got the opportunity to work with Staff Sergeant Charles Sonoda from the U.S. Army Band. SSG Sonoda gave a masterclass for our students who are preparing to audition for the All-District Band next January, explaining the audition process, practice strategies, and tips for the day of the audition. The students got to play for SSG Sonoda, received individualized feedback, and learned how to make an effective practice plan. A member of the U.S. Army Band since 2018, SSG Sonoda studied music (clarinet) at DePaul University and Northwestern University, and has performed with such groups as the National Repertory Orchestra and the Chicago Symphonic Winds.

Grade 8 Community Action Day

On Wednesday, eighth grade students participated in their fall Community Action Day, volunteering with partner organizations that address food insecurity across the DC metro area, including Common Good City Farm, Arlington Food Assistance Center, and Capital Area Food Bank. Advisory groups worked on a sustainable farm, organized food donations, and restocked food pantry shelves to support community members in need. In the afternoon, all eighth graders participated in the first IS Sandwich Day of the year to benefit Martha's Table. See photos from the day.