An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC



At Potomac, we work to combine academic achievement with a focus on preparing our students to lead exemplary lives. This is a bold vision that requires extraordinary teachers; talented, creative, motivated students; and a community that values lifelong learning and generosity of spirit. Click on the video to the left to learn more about our great teachers and great teaching.





When heroes of history, literature, and lore set out on a quest, they don’t go it alone. They carry with them the voices of their mentors, people who challenge them to try harder, go further, and do more. At Potomac, our teachers are those mentors, daring their students to take the intellectual risks that will make them not just good students but exemplary human beings. Our advisory program pairs students with carefully selected mentors, ensuring that each student is truly known, nurtured, and put to the test.


Our students are well-rounded. That might not sound risky, but it is. It’s one thing to excel naturally as an athlete, artist, or academic, but it's quite another to try something new – something a student might not, at the outset, be very good at. That’s why all of our students perform onstage, learn a new language, play sports, and more. And when it comes time to choose an essay topic or science project, you can bet Potomac students don’t shy away from a challenge.


In asking our students to take risks, we are asking them to fail. In return, it is our obligation to teach them to bounce back, dust themselves off, and try again. Tenacity, more than talent, will serve our students best in the long run. Is doggedness something that can be learned? We think so. It takes practice, patience, and a supportive community that has students' backs – now and forever.