An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing broad policy goals that align the operation of the school with its mission, providing fiduciary oversight of the school’s operations, and supporting long-range strategic planning to ensure Potomac’s future.

The board is comprised of between 17 and 26 members. It strives to reflect diversity consistent with the stated mission of the school. Its members include alumni, current parents, past parents, grandparents, and individuals from the broader community who bring particular expertise and perspective.

Members may serve two three-year terms. Requests for trustee nominations to fill board vacancies are made each fall to the parent, faculty, and alumni communities. The Committee on Trustees then selects its candidates based on a set of specific criteria and presents a slate to the full board for election in the spring.

Committees of the Board of Trustees currently include the Executive, Finance, Investment, Audit, Development, Master Plan/Buildings and Grounds, and Committee on Trustees. In any given year task forces may be created to address other strategic issues. Officers of the board are nominated by the Chair of the Board and are elected by the full board each year.

Executive Committee 2018-19

Chair Marjorie Brennan
Vice-Chair & Chair-Elect Sameer Bhargava
Secretary Mary Lou Leipheimer
Treasurer Tom Rietano
Member-at-Large Jim Fleming
Member-at-Large Robby Moser
Member-at-Large Lynne O'Brien
Head of School John Kowalik

Audit 2017-18

Chair Bill Kilberg
Members Dan Fisher
  Jim Rooney

Committee on Trustees 2017-18

Chair Mary Lou Leipheimer
Members Marjorie Brennan
  Grace Guggenheim
  Rob McDowell
  Lynne O'Brien
  Karen Sonneborn

Development 2017-18

Chair Jim Fleming
Members Natalie Bush
  Dax Cummings
  Stephanie Kapsis
  Mary Lou Leipheimer
  Steve Pann
  Norma Ramsey
  Susan Schieffer
  Karen Sonneborn
  Abby Spangler

Finance 2017-18

Chair Sameer Bhargava
Members Marjorie Brennan
  Natalie Bush
  Michael Davis
  David Dupree
  Tom Rietano
  Eric Rosenthal

Investment 2018-19

Chair Jim Rooney
Members Dan Fisher
  Jamie Sullivan

Master Plan/Buildings and Grounds 2017-18

Chair Robby Moser
Members Dax Cummings
  Dan Fisher
  Grace Guggenheim
  Bill Kilberg
  Norma Ramsey
  Eric Rosenthal
  Susan Schieffer

Liaisons 2017-18

Board Liaison to PA Abby Spangler
Board Liaison to AGC Stephanie Kapsis
Board Liaison to FAPS Jim Rooney



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Board Officers 2018-19
Marjorie P. Brennan, Chair
Sameer Bhargava, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect
Mary L. Leipheimer, Secretary
Thomas J. Rietano, Treasurer
James B. Fleming, At Large
Robert D. Moser, Jr., At Large
Lynne F. O'Brien, At Large
John J. Kowalik, Head of School
Trustees 2018-19
Sameer Bhargava
Marjorie P. Brennan
Natalie F. Bush
Dax Cummings
Michael L. Davis
Ellen M. Dwyer
Daniel I. Fisher
James B. Fleming
Stephanie Amann Kapsis '01
William J. Kilberg
John J. Kowalik
Tanya L.R. La Force
Mary L. Leipheimer
Robert M. McDowell '78
Robert D. Moser, Jr.
Lynne F. O'Brien
Norma C. Ramsey
Thomas J. Rietano
James H. Rooney
Eric W. Rosenthal '03
Susan N. Schieffer
Karen Sonneborn
Abigail Spangler
Mark J. Sullivan '96