An independent K-12 school on a beautiful wooded campus, 3 miles from Washington, DC

Stewardship Contacts

Albert Pingree '00
Environmental Studies Coordinator
(703) 873-5534

Sean Conroy 
Project Manager
(703) 873-5549


From its founding, Potomac recognized that nature is the most eloquent teacher. The school's mission, curriculum, and the very design of its buildings, old and new, reflect the importance Potomac places on students' contact with nature.

T o refocus and continue Potomac's commitment to the diverse natural benefits of our 90-acre campus, Potomac created an office of Stewardship, Sustainability, and Outdoor Education. As a K-12 school situated on one campus, Potomac is uniquely poised to lead the kind of environmental consciousness that links the joy one experiences in nature with the imperative of stewardship.

Learning sound environmental practices beginning in kindergarten, students will develop habits of thinking and living that sustain them in their environment.

Our mission includes the following:

  • Encouraging the purposeful use of campus by teachers and students
  • Developing and implementing innovative environmental and stewardship strategies
  • Providing information and resources pertaining to environmental best practices in a K-12 community
  • Coordinating efforts to integrate new comprehensive environmental and stewardship initiatives into our curricula