The Potomac School

Shveta Khullar
Human Resources Manager
(703) 749-6380

Danyel O'Farrell
Director of Human Resources
(703) 873-6169

David Grant
Director of Student Diversity Recruitment and Retention
(703) 749-6384

Randolph Carter
(202) 464-1996

"I found the interviews at the end to be the most rewarding part. It allowed me to better present myself in a quieter environment and to learn more about the schools that I spoke with."

Candidate, Attended 2019 Diversity Hiring Fair

"Having so many schools in the same place, and the chance for facetime."

Candidate, Attended 2019 Diversity Hiring Fair

School Registration

School Registration for the 2021 virtual Diversity Hiring Fair is now open. Please complete the form below to complete your registration.

All participating schools will receive an electronic resume book no later than Friday, January 29, 2021. Please browse through the resume book and let us know if you are interested in scheduling one-on-one interviews for the last hour. There is also an option to schedule interviews the day of the fair.

We look forward to meeting all school representatives on Saturday, February 6, 2021. For any questions about the Diversity Hiring Fair please contact Shveta Khullar at or (703) 749-6380.