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What We Offer Our Employees

The Potomac School has a long-standing commitment to provide high-quality employee benefits and programs that meet the needs of our school community. We are proud of the opportunities and advantages it offers to its faculty and staff members.

We provide competitive salaries, excellent benefits and a dynamic professional development program.


Benefit Description
Health Insurance Currently, the school offers two health plans (Open Access Plus-HRA Health Reimbursement Account and the HSA Health Savings Account).
Dental Insurance Currently, the school offers two dental plans (PPO Dental and HMO Dental).
Domestic Partner Health & Dental Benefit Health and Dental same-sex domestic partner benefits available.
Early Retiree Health & Dental Benefits Employee and Spouse/Partner coverage available at half the cost. Must meet eligibility requirement.
Retirement Plan The employee is eligible to join the TIAA-CREF or Fidelity Retirement Services retirement plans. If the employee contributes 5% of his or her salary to TIAA-CREF or Fidelity, the school will contribute 7% of the salary for the first 5 years, 8% at the beginning of the 6th year, 9% at the beginning of the 11th year, 10% at the beginning of the 16th year, and 11% at the beginning of the 21st year.
Tuition Remission Full-time faculty and full-time staff (2 year waiting period for staff) who have children or dependents enrolled at the school are eligible to receive 50% tuition remission.
Life Insurance The school pays the premiums for term insurance equal to twice the employee’s contracted salary.
Long-Term Disability The school pays the premiums on a long-term disability policy for the employee. Employees, after 90 days of illness, receive 60% of their monthly pay for as long as they meet the definition of “disabled”, not to exceed age 65.
AD&D The school pays the premiums for accident, death and dismemberment insurance.
Short-Term Disability The school pays the premiums on a short-term disability policy for the employee. STD benefits will begin after 14 calendar days of partial or total disability, and continue for up to 11 weeks as long as you remain disabled. If you are totally disabled, the plan will replace up to 60% of your earnings to a maximum of $2,500 weekly. If you qualify for partial disability benefits, the plan will pay a pro-rated benefit based on your loss of earnings.
Flexible Spending Account Employees can elect to have designated salary amounts deducted from their pay for dependent care, medical premiums and medical expenses (not covered by the school’s health plan). This salary reduction will reduce taxable income and provide greater “take-home” pay. Amounts are held in an account for each employee and reimbursed through WageWorks.
Continuing Education The school encourages faculty and staff to enroll in continuing education related to their specialization. Tuition assistance is available to employees wishing to take classes. Please review the employee handbook for further information.
Summer Curriculum/Enrichment Grants Grant Funding is available for the financing of summer projects for the enrichment of the faculty and overall benefit of the Potomac community.
Discounted Summer Programs Full-time faculty and staff may send their children to Potomac’s summer camp for a discounted rate.
Discounted Extended Day Program Faculty and staff with children who attend Potomac and wish to send their children to Extended Day care on school grounds after the school day is over may send their children to the program for two days free each week.
Bookstore Discounts All faculty and staff receive a 20% discount on all full-price merchandise sold at the Bookstore except school supplies.
Lunch Programs Employees may choose between two lunch programs offered by the school. They may eat either in the Upper School cafeteria or in the Lower/Middle school dining room, both at a discounted rate.
Abundant Vacation Time Vacation is provided to staff members.
Sick Leave Full-time employees earn one day of sick leave per month for a total of 10 days per year. Sick leave may be accrued to a maximum of 30 days. Sick leave is earned on a pro-rated basis for part-time employees.
Liberty Mutual Discount Through Potomac’s partnership with Liberty Mutual, employees are eligible for discounted rates on auto and home insurance. The premiums are payroll deducted.
PNC Bank Through Potomac’s partnership with PNC Bank, employees are eligible for special offers and discounts through this bank.
Corporate Gym Memberships Through Potomac’s partnership with local gym Sport & Health, employees are offered discounted rates on gym memberships.
Healthy Work Environment Potomac offers a Wellness Program, sponsoring fitness challenges and a Wellness fair to encourage healthy living for all employees. Faculty and staff also have access to on-site exercise facilities, tennis courts, and smoke free facilities.
Ample Parking Potomac offers free parking to all faculty and staff in many convenient locations throughout campus.