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Leadership Bios

John Mathews, Head of Middle School

John Mathews has been at The Potomac School for more than a decade, serving as the head of Middle School throughout, and additionally as the Intermediate School head from 2015-2019. After graduating from Columbia College with a degree in Psychology and feeling a bit undecided about what he would "do" now that he was "grown up," he traveled to Kansas City to teach in a summer program for educationally at-risk public school adolescents. Immediately bitten by the teaching bug, he has been in education ever since. Before joining Potomac, John served as assistant head of Lower School at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. He started his teaching career as a classroom teacher at Grace Church School in New York City, where he taught for a decade. During his time at Grace, he earned his Master of Science in Education from Fordham University. He believes fourth, fifth, and sixth grades are really the "golden years" of education. John and his wife Linda are the parents to Anna, a Potomac alumni, and Alex, a Potomac senior. Outside of school, you can find John exploring his love of acting in various local community theater productions.

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